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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Skin Care Routine & Talk

Hello ladies ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ! I got many request to do a skin care routine post, many of them are wondering what kind of Skin care I use and How I do my skin routine. I haven't make it because I'm not really good at writing something like this, mwahahha but I try now.  (*/∇\*) 
Many ppl always compliment my skin, but seriously my skin isn't good and really sensitive, that's why I need extra effort and care for my skin. I'm not perfect and I'm here to share (-^〇^-). I want to look younger until 5/10 years again, forever I wish. Lol, Who doesn't want to look younger?! :p

Some people are think I use high-end skin care, but no. I stick with ingredients which is suit my skin. For example, Aloe is really good for sensitive skin, so If I ran out of Aloe skin care, I definitely will buy again for stock, even though the brand is different. Lol ♡

My skin type: always change, but at the moment is Normal-Dry.

The first step of my Skin Care routine, is Cleansing. Always find a good Cleansing which is suit your skin, if you already find a good cleansing product for your skin, stick with it! Except your skin is change like me. I love to use Cleansing foam every morning and night, I only wash my face twice a day, (except If I wear make up). Washing your face too often only make your skin dry and get rid of your natural oil. Lack of natural oil on skin only cause wrinkle and skin aging.

And for now, I use Beauty Credit Coenzyme Q10 Facial Foam and Pond's Clear Balance Smooth Pores. I love to use Pond's every morning because it makes my skin feel fresh and clean. I use BC at night, BUT, If I feel my cheek is a bit dry in the morning, I use Beauty Credit one. Give what your skin need!

The next step after Cleansing, is a Toner. I've read on a book, Never skip Toner on your skin care routine. Toner function is to clean sebum, dead skin and get rid of left residue on your skin after cleansing. Usually, Toner contain alcohol and after use it, your skin feel so fresh. There's a toner which not contain Alcohol and contain moisturizer too and usually it prepare your skin for the moisturizer step.
I have 3 toner at the moment. From left to right : Skinfood Parsley&Mandarin Toner, Utena Aloes Lotion 100% and Juju 100% Organic Aloe Lotion. 
Some of you maybe wondering why I have more than 1 toner. Because, my skin never feel the same, in the weather change my skin change too. That's why I need to have back up for it. Whenever I feel my skin is a bit oily and want a fresh touch, I use the Skinfood one. And if my skin look red, irritation or feel dry, I use the Aloe one. But, my favorite is Utena and Juju, because they only contain natural ingredients and no preservative.
I'm planning to not re-purchase of Skinfood Parsley because it makes my skin dry, I think this is suit ppl with very oily skin.

After Toner, use Essence/Serum, eye cream and Emulsion/Cream.

I don't own an eye cream, I use the Pond's serum instead. Since, my skin isn't feel match with the serum formula so I use it for my eye area. And it work great, hehe the rich texture is nice for my eye area to prevent wrinkle. Sometimes, I use Garnier Eye Roll on too, I forgot to include it on the picture above. :(
After apply the serum on my eye area, I use the Essence only on the area which has many dark spot, discoloration and scars.

Then, apply Emulsion all over my face with a light tap. I use Emulsion in the morning and Cream before sleep. I use Clarins White Plus daily now, twice a day.
I started to use Juju 2 days ago, because my redness came again and my skin feel itch. I'm so happy it work well on my skin.
I haven't made any review on Juju Aloe lotion and milk, because I haven't use it for 1 month. I'll make the review after use it for one month or more.

Beside that, I got a Aqua Cure trial from Etude House. I got it while shopping in Singapore last year, check out the post here.
I don't really like Etude House, but this trial is surprised me! I got the toner, emulsion and gel cream. My sister love it too, it make our skin look more even and get rid of the breakout. And I don't know how, hahaha I'm planning to get the real size of this Aqua Cure, especially the Emulsion and Gel cream. The mist is look promising too, Have you ever tried it? ^^

Another important product on my daily routine is SUNBLOCK.
Never skip a Sunblock too. Sunblock is good for prevent skin aging and protect your skin from UV-A and UV-B. UV-A can cause skin aging and harm collagen and pigment balance, and cause dark spots, discoloration, etc. UV-B is cause burn on our skin, esp when summer or during the day.
I use this two sunblock depending on my skin condition, if my skin feels bit dry I'll use the Biore one and if my skin feels a bit oily and I want a MAT finish, I'll use Loreal.

MASK and MASSAGE is really important too for our skin.
fr left to right :
Zamian Cacao Gold Mask, Acnes Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask, Beauty Credit Honey&Sugar Mask. (Wash Off)

There are 4 types of mask : Peel Off, Wash Off, Sheet Off and Sleeping Pack.
If I have pimples/acne I'll use Acnes/Zamian. But, I use Innisfree and BC once/twice a week to keep my skin look healthy and smooth looking. Beside of the mask above, I love to use BC Acerola Arbutin Mask, Purederm, Kracie and Skinfood Banana
Too bad, I ran out of them, maybe I'll purchase some Sheet mask again because it's more easy and faster. Sometimes, I feel lazy to use mask too, especially If I'm busy and don't have time to maintain my skin. @_@

Skin massage, I massage my skin to improve the blood circulation, so my skin has a better absorption every time I apply moisturizer. I learn it from some Japanese magazine and Korean book. hehe I only do it about 1-2 minutes every night If I'm not lazy.

Exfoliating once a week isn't bad too. This is to remove old dead skin cells and help smooth my skin texture. It unclogs pores, keeps skin clean and help reduce acne breakouts. I use this two products at the moment.
From left to right : Ristra Scrub Cream and ST.Ives Apricot Scrub
Always remember to moisturize your skin after scrubbing because sometimes my skin feels a bit dry. Dryness can lead to wrinkle development, so be careful ladies. >.<

Some tips to keep your skin healthy and clean :
1. Always clean your face after you use make up, DON'T sleep with it. I always use a Cleansing oil first and Cleansing foam after that. If you sleep with make up, It will clog your pores, make your skin can't breath and skin can't regenerate. The result is skin aging and breakout. You may not see it now, but few years later you can see the changes.

2. Don't forget to use Toner. Believe it or not, toner is really important and can prevent enlarged pores. You can use a facial mist too to keep your skin looking fresh.

3. Drink lot of water everyday and always defecate every day to remove toxic from your body. Lack of water can cause your skin dry, flake off, uneven and pimple. I always drink 2 glass of water every morning to start my day. hehe

4. Don't forget to use Night cream every night, even though your skin is oily you should never skip this step. During our sleep, our body and skin recovers from the stress all day, so night time is the perfect time to properly moisturizing your skin. Do you know, we lose 25% of water at night.

5. Wash your hair regularly, change your pillow case every week, don't use a same towel for your body and your face and always clean your make up brush before use.

6. Sleep well and don't get stressed.

I rarely going to a beauty/skin care clinic to facial my skin. I'm afraid they'll squeeze my pimples and rub my face too hard. lol. So, I prefer do it my self at home, hehe. But, a skin spa or treatment like I did on Lancome post here isn't bad too. Never pinch/squeeze your pimples.

I think that's all, wow such a long post!I hope you don't get bored >_<. And for few people who requested it, I hope you like this post. I hope you can understand what I write @_@, LOl.
You don't need to follow all products I use here. Find the best product which suit your skin, because our skin types is different. And these products maybe work for me but not work for you, so choose wisely. Stay pretty ladies~! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

random pikku from my android. *kisses (in case you miss me)*slapped (ノ゚0゚)ノ~

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