Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beauty Credit Acerola Essence

A brightening hydrating oil based cream 
forming a layer of moisture protection to soften your skin.

Made with extracts of acerola and albutin effective 
in reducing dark skin tone by having 34 times more vitamin C than lemons.

•Daily use will lighten skin colour.

the pump

♔ Love ♔

✰ This essence lighten my scars and spots.
✰ Make my skin tone more evenly
✰ Brighten my skin, make my skin back to it's nature tone
✰ Pump type make it more hygine
✰ Easy to spread
✰ Nice soft scent

♔ Hate ♔

✰ The bottle caps is too loose :(
✰ Quite expensive >.<
✰ Oil base, I prefer water base.

Rating : 8.5/10

Purchase again? 
Probably, If I'm not in a tight budget :O


Btw, Please help vote on my blog, it ends next week and
I'm going to make a post that ppl vote the most more often :).
As now, votes for make up tutorial wins, honestly I'm not really good at make up, 
but I'll try to make it easy to follow. >_<
I'm thinking to make a picture tutorial since many ppl are lazy to load
the videos and I'm afraid to post a video on youtube too.
Coz many ppl will find me lame, lolss

I accept request too since it makes easier for me to choose 
which tutorial to make. LOL ^O^
But I guess I need to make a tut for make up which I like :)

I realize my post is getting reeaaaally reaally boring now,
My head is full of many project I haven't done for my clothing brand,
and costume. I really want to write more and share my thought!
And I ended posting boring make up review and skin care review, O_O
I really hope my reader didn't get bored with what I

And, btw thanks so much for voting gurls~

Thanks for reading~
Love you~~
^-^ )v


jonnalyn cabigting said...

sometimes even quality products hold me back for the same reason: PRICE..haha :D

RE: me too..i cheer myself that way! ^^

jonnalyn cabigting said...

btw..its me using my google profile to comment here :P

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeaahh, esp when I was on a tight budget >.<

♔cominica ai♔ said...

lol, okay, sorry i change it discuss, it makes more easier to reply :)

Lina Kim ♥ said...

thanks for the review deeaaar~ I'm going to check2 this one out =D~~ yaay essence crazeeeh!

♔cominica ai♔ said...

okieee :)
you're welcomee, you know I'm thinking to get an essence based on green tea or aloe , buuut no money T_T

Nisa said...

How long did it take for you to notice that the spots and scars had lighten? I need to eradicate those dark acne scars/spots and I'm considered impatient. I used to have nice skin, but after breaking out badly 3 months ago and won the battle, now I need something to make those bad spots vanish.

♔cominica ai♔ said...

about 2 month :)
and I only use it at night, you need to be patient, just don't care much for those spots and when you realize it, it's already lighten :)

amynaree said...

This product sounds really nice.  It's summer time over here so I really want to try products that help brighten my skin!

Miaojuan said...

I was wondering if brightening cream is actually good for us? :O Hmm, somehow I feel like want to brighten my face but I scared of it effect :O

♔cominica ai♔ said...

its not really brighten skin though, but lighten my dark spots, i already fair so it's not effecting my skin shade :(

♔cominica ai♔ said...

i dunno, but since this cream is considering as natural i give it a hit, i use this to brighten my dark spot not my skin coz my skin is pretty fair already :(

saccharine0158 said...

i also prefer water base products. thank you for this review dear! it was really helpful. =)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

Im glad you find it helpful :D

Georgemababy said...

I love beauty blogs! They have such good advice! Yours is just brilliant! Maybe we should follow each other! Let me know :)


shinyprettythings said...

i love Beauty Credit!! if it really does work well esp w lightening your scars, i'd say it's worth it =D

hyunaa said...

ooo cool! I am loving this review~ haha I'll be sure to check it out

Fantailflo said...

great review. i will try this product if i see it!
thankyouuu for your last comment !!!

♔cominica ai♔ said...

i've follow you :)
i love ur blog too!

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah it works :D
thank you~

♔cominica ai♔ said...

haha you're wlcome :D

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