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Sunday, May 12, 2013

My new part time job at Lioele Indonesia

🌟 Exciting News! 🌟

Hello everyone! ✨ I'm thrilled to announce that starting this May, I'll be working part-time at Lioele Indonesia! 🎉 You can catch me there every weekend on Saturday and Sunday, except for the 25th-26th as I'll be in Kuala Lumpur. Today marked my first day, and despite the quieter turnout, I had a blast! 😊 Here's the awesome poster created by Lioele to spread the word! 🌸

As an Makeup Artist, I'll be providing makeovers to all Lioele customers with a minimum purchase of 500,000 IDR. I'll be starting every makeover session with essential skincare steps because we all know how crucial skincare is before applying makeup. Additionally, I'll be sharing insights and tips about beauty products and routines (/‾▿‾)/.

It's quite exciting for me since this is my first time working LIVE directly with a beauty company (///∇//). Many people have asked me to conduct beauty classes, but I've been a bit hesitant due to confidence issues. However, I guess it's time for me to start considering it, right? Haha, X'D

Rather than a store, its like an open stand store.

As a Makeup Artist (MUA) at Lioele Indonesia, I specialize in GYARU makeup, Japanese kawaii makeup, and even ulzzang makeup! So if you're curious about any of these styles or want to learn how to achieve them, don't hesitate to ask—I'd be more than happy to teach you. And if you're interested in skincare or finding makeup that suits you, feel free to approach me as well! Don't be shy, I promise I won't bite! 😄

I've noticed that some people were a bit shy today, haha, or perhaps I looked a bit scary? O_O But rest assured, I'm friendly and approachable! 😅

Since many of you have asked me on Facebook about Gyaru makeup or how to apply false lashes, I encourage you to come and ask me in person. If I'm free, I'll gladly teach you because actions speak louder than words, right?

New Lioele mask which is superr good for lifting skin. Can try by yourself at the Counter!

Well, I'm off to bed now because I'll be back there again tomorrow. Remember, this event is exclusive to Summarecon Mall Serpong, so make sure to drop by if you can! See you there! 💖

See you and thank you! (≧∇≦)/


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