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Friday, October 26, 2012

Natural Juju Moisture Aloe Milk and Toner (Smooth)

Crafted from 100% Organic Aloe, this product is designed to suit all skin types. I should have posted this review a month ago, hahaha, but I hesitated because I wanted to ensure the effectiveness of the Milk/Lotion first (///∇//). I decided to purchase this Moisture Aloe because my skin tends to be sensitive and becomes quite dry after returning from my trip. Additionally, this is a part of Juju's natural skincare series, which is free from mineral oil.

 Left; Milk | Right; Toner

☆ Packaging :
Evokes a fresh and natural feeling upon sight. Crafted from sturdy plastic, it exudes quality without appearing cheap. The aloe illustration on the label adds a charming touch. ('∀'●)♡

☆ Organic Aloe :
Made from natural Aloe, this product harnesses the soothing properties of Aloe to alleviate minor burns, cuts, and skin irritation.

Natural Juju Moisture Aloe Toner (Smooth)
☆ Suitable for :
Oily and acne skin / combination skin

☆ How to use it :
After cleansing, saturate a cotton pad with the toner and gently apply it to your face.

☆ Formula :
Formulated with 100% organic aloe, this toner effectively regulates excess sebum production and maintains the skin's moisture balance, thereby minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Additionally, it promotes the renewal of skin cells and fortifies the natural barrier function of the skin's surface. Free from fragrance and artificial colors. ♡

☆ Texture :
No Color, watery just like other Toner.

☆ Smooth and Fresh :
This toner effectively tones my skin without causing dryness and helps control excess oil, leaving my skin feeling fresh and smooth before applying moisturizer. >‿<

☆ The Bad :
Can't think of one.

Natural Juju Moisture Aloe Milk,
☆ Suitable For :

Suitable for all skin types, but I believe this product is particularly well-suited for dry skin compared to other skin types. ≧△≦

☆ Ingredients :
Water, Glycerin, BG, Squalane, Isopropyl palmitate, Aloe vera sap, Hyaluronic acid Na, Polysorbate 60, Behenyl alcohol, Steareth-3, Carbomer, Maltitol, Dimethicone, Stearoyl glutamic acid Na, Hydroxylation Na, Ethanol, Methl Paraben, Butylparaben, Propyl Paraben

☆ Caution :
- Avoid use in case of abnormalities such as cuts, swelling, or rash.
- Discontinue use and consult a dermatologist if symptoms such as redness, rash, itchiness, or irritation develop during or after use, especially upon exposure to sunlight. Symptoms may worsen with continued use.

☆ Texture :
The milky lotion may feel slightly sticky upon application. o(´^`)o

☆ Formula :
A moisturizing lotion that absorbs easily into the skin, enriched with a generous amount of undiluted aloe juice. Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated.

☆ Bumps :
After using this lotion for a few weeks, I noticed a few bumps on my skin, but fortunately, they disappeared quickly. I believe this lotion may be too moisturizing for my combination skin. (ノTДT)

☆ Very Moisturizing :
Feels a bit heavy when applied to my face TTwTT. While aloe is known for its extreme moisturizing properties, I found this lotion to be too much for my sensitive skin. However, it may work wonders for dry skin types!

☆ The Bad :
This lotion can cause my skin to feel itchy, develop a few bumps, and feel sticky. ;;;w;;;

I still use this lotion as a moisturizer, but I avoid applying it to my T-zone area and focus on my cheeks or any dry spots instead.

Therefore, if you have combination-oily skin, you might want to think twice before purchasing this lotion.

☆ Where to get :
You can find it at or your local Watson's store. However, please note that Juju products are not yet available in Indonesia.

Thanks for reading, ladies! I've had a lot of fun here, and I hope you did too!ヾ(☆▽☆)

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