Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review::Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask

Review::Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask

Hello everyone!
I've been quite crazy about mask lately,
Especially when it comes to Korean Brand.

Now, I want to give a review about
Skinfood Banana Yogurt Mask.

"Skinfood banana yogurt mask wash off,
yogurt mask with banana extract to
prevent skin dehydration and
softly soothe sensitive skin".

Banana is an anti-bacterial from nature and 
very good in treating skin blemishes, acne 
and pimples. 
Antioxidants and vitamins in bananas 
function to restore collagen in the skin 
and it is very useful for anti-aging skin as well.
Bananas are a rich source of vitamin A and 
potassium, and they are very good at softening 
and hydrating the skin. 
It is a natural remedy for dry skin that is very effective! 

Yogurt could prevent bacteria and restrain acne. 
It contains lactic acid and other organic acids 
such as citric acid and glucuronic acid. 
It has good bactericidal and promoting healing 
functions on skin trauma, burns, acne and psoriasis and so on.

Yogurt could prevent skin aging and dry. 
It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, 
vitamin E and carotene which can prevent the oxidation. 
Yogurt can effectively inhibit the oxidation of tyrosine 
to reduce the deposition of melanin. 
Therefore, the long-term use of yogurt can make 
skin white, tender, shiny and elastic.

 It has a small yellow dot,
I'm not sure what it is.
The smell is like Banana (?).
 The texture is not too thick.
It's like putting a banana juice over face.

I have read few review before bought
this mask.
And this mask has many good rating.
I read this mask is good for skin which
has redness and really sensitive,
so I give it a try.

What I said about this product?

* Makes my sensitive skin so supple.

* Smooth my redness on cheek and nose area.

* This mask makes my cheek and mouth area so soft!

* I think this mask is good for dry skin,
or dry area on your face.

I use it when my skin itch, dry and
when my redness appear.
Thanks God my redness is slowly disappear,
I don't know it's because this mask or
not. But this mask is great for treat
sensitive skin.

This is just my opinion though ^o^/

Will I purchase again? Probably.
 Coz I want try other yogurt mask ^w^


Kim said...

sounds promising. I'm gonna check it out <3

Amy said...

This sounds really nice! ^_^ but I'm cursed with combination skin! Any recommendations?

Cominica said...

@lina, sure ^^

@amy, my skin is combination too! :D
hmm, i'm using chocolate mask too, and it is really nice :D
this mask is suit me well too ^^

Amyboo said...

This sounds really nice! ^_^ but I'm cursed with combination skin! Any recommendations?

Lina Kim ♥ said...

sounds promising. I'm gonna check it out <3

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