Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clarins White Plus HP (Whitening Velvet Emulsion) Review

Hello ladies~!! (≧∇≦)/ I'm going to share my opinion about this Velvet Emulsion by Clarins. I got this from Clarins event on this post and have been using it everyday, day and night without skip/mix it with other emulsion. I was planning to make the review after use it for 1 month and now it's almost 1 month XD so I'm going to make the review of it. hehehe (All my opinion is based on my personal experience and I'm not being paid or threatened LMAO XDD ).

Ingredients : Sea Lily Extract, Raspberry Extract, Alchemilla Extract and Parsley extract.

What it Claim :

◕ Brightening and even out your skin tone
◕ Moisten, Refine and makes your skin feel like Velvet
◕ Makes your make up stay for hours

✩ For all skin types

ღ Texture : Light emulsion and absorb quickly into skin. Makes my skin feel really smooth!
How to use : Warm the emulsion in palm of your hands then tap it all over your face and neck.

ღ 1st week using this emulsion :
- At that time, my skin condition is normal. No acne, redness, just a bit dry over my cheek and not smooth. The 1st time use, I fell in love with the scent and sensation on my face. I apply it with tap all over my face and warm it with my palms. My skin feel really supple and elastic. I didn't see any brightening effect on the 1st week, but my skin become smoother after use this emulsion.

ღ 2nd week :
- My body started not feeling well because lack of sleep and busy, it has a big effect on my skin. My skin becomes dull, tired and small pimples appear around my eyebrow and nose. My pores becomes more visible and I even didn't want to see my skin with my 3x zoom-Mirror because it made me stress. LOL, BUT, I still use this emulsion day and night, still believe this emulsion can heal it, at least repair my skin texture. This week the effect I feel was my skin look more brighter in the morning, not oily but my pimples still there. My skin texture look more better, just a little bit. My skin texture look better on the 4th day of the second week.

ღ 3rd week :
- I was still sick but feel a little better, my pimples was dissapear too. But, leave scars which I HATE so much! -_- , please don't leave any more scars on my face~! I already has many because of my dna, I have few spots around nose and can't be healed. I don't even believe in any spot corrector/spot eraser, something like that. This emulsion NEVER claimed to brightening the spots or whatever it is, so I didn't hope anything from it. At this stage, my skin texture is more better than last week and my skin is feel soft and supple again. I think it because I use this emulsion routine and drink lots of water.

ღ 4th week - today
- Unconsciously, I love to touch my skin, especially my cheek now. Because it's really smooth and supple, lol. The scar is still there, but not really dark anymore like before. My skin texture is look more evenly and when do make up, my face look smoother, not looking greasy. Sometimes, if I wear make up for more than 6 hours, my face started to look greasy -_- euh. This emulsion claimed to improve make up, so I think that is one of the effect.

My conclusion :
✩ It does make my skin feel more smoother, soft like velvet. Seriously, I feel like touching it all day XD , but that's not allowed because touching skin sometimes bring bacteria to skin.
✩ My skin texture look more evenly, more healthy and softer.
✩ I feel the brightening effect in the morning, this emulsion doesn't make my skin feel oily in the morning and dull. After washing, my skin look BRIGHT and after make up it look so nice *O*. However, there's no whitening effect on my skin, I think my skin is already pretty fair. lol Can't be fairer anymore :p
✩ This emulsion doesn't make my skin breakout and that's a PLUS for me, because it means the ingredients is natural and safe, my skin is really sensitive.
✩ My skin type is combination, my T-zone can't stay rich cream/rich emulsion because a pimple will appear. But, since this emulsion is light, I'm so happy with the texture and formula because it doesn't make my T-zone feel oily (not at all), but being in AC room all the time makes my cheek and jaw a bit dry.

So far, I LOVE this emulsion so much!! It does what it claimed. If you're planning to get this emulsion please don't expect a miracle emulsion which can make your skin look more fair and fair, erase all your spots/scars because there's NO miracle that can ERASE it except you do a plastic surgery or maybe a laser. 
For me, a moisturizer which can make my skin look healthy and doesn't make my skin breakout is enough. Because, I love my skin even though there's few scars and dark spots.
For the whitening effect, I don't know ≧△≦. If your skin isn't fair as me maybe it will has a slightly change. But, don't aim for a super fair skin ladies, A healthy bright skin look better than super fair skin, sometimes I feel my face look too pale and need to re-apply a blush,so it look more healthy. lol

♥ Brightening effect : Yes
♥ Smoother : Yes
♥ Even skin texture : Yes
♥ Healthy look : Yes

This is my skin in the morning, after wake up, -before wash (just take it this morning XD) right click+new tab if you wanna see the imperfection :/

and after wash xD + white velvet emulsion (not really have a difference XD), I'm happy my skin is better now y^o^y ,Thank you Clarins :*

That's all my opinion, lol, SO LONG XD XD XD, Thanks for reading ladies :*:* and see ya!~


THT Christina said...

Oooh anything with the words "whitening" or "brightening" catch my attention xD
And wow it works so well! Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well though :( I wasn't either for a while :(

Severus Love said...

aku juga ada serum clarins yg pengecil pori,,tp jarang pake..hehehe
packajing clarins boring bgt ya..
punya ku jd cm botol gitu donk, wrna ijo pula..haizz...

Katherine Tealeaf said...

Comi! I feel like I have not commented on your blog for so long, weird. xD I hope that you are feeling better now though. ;^; Your skin looks gorgeous and radiant. I should try this, I want my face to feel velvety. xD

Yesha said...

Wow! Reading this entry makes me wanna go buy this product. I wanna try this too :) Thanks for sharin' doll xoxo

crystal said...

I also saw this in HK but I think it would be expensive so I didn't try it....... Thanks for the review,i think it does work ;) and even though you are without makeup,your skin looks really good!!! (serious :)

Gellie Abogado said...

I hope this can be availabe in PH. This looks like a great product. Thank you for sharing :)

Oreleona said...

wow very detailed review! i think i'm gonna try this product i love emulsions that give overall healthy looks :)

rae said...

thanks for the review. i love how detailed it is. i am such a lover of whitening products, but unfortunately i seem to remain very tan :(

<3 rae

Hanbi Jang said...

thank you for the review! It was very nicely detailed and informative! I'm glad the product did you well :) I really want to try now >3<

✿MaDeLyn GoH萱✿ said...

Hi dear~
may I know how much this product?❤

♔cominica♔ said...

mwahahahahahhaha me too XDXD
Yeah, but I feel better now, thanks dear :* :*

♔cominica♔ said...

hee knpa jarang pake? hahahha masa sih clarins ada serum pengecil pori mer?
ia packagingnya emang bgitu yah, clean banget wkwkwk XD

♔cominica♔ said...

HAHA, how coomeee XD, thank youuu, yeah you should check it out! XD

♔cominica♔ said...

haha try it! you're welcome :)

♔cominica♔ said...

yeah it's a bit pricey :/ , thank you~!

♔cominica♔ said...

Yeah, I hope you can try this someday ^^

♔cominica♔ said...

wow, great! ^^

♔cominica♔ said...

you're welcome :D , aww it's okay dear, the most important thing is your skin stay healthy ^^

♔cominica♔ said...

Thanks han bi~ you can try it <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I totally agree n love this product

Gita Lin said...

Beli dimana ni len??? berapa?

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