Friday, June 24, 2011

Skinfood Parsley Mandarin Review+Peacock e/s Play

HELLO! It's time for Skin care review!

Skinfood Parsley Mandarin Emulsion n Toner
(For Trouble Skin)

"Relieves skin troubles and controls sebum with long lasting moisture"

Gentle and refreshing, it boots skin suppleness with
anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties.

Made with nano technology, it relieves skin troubles and control
sebum with Parsley Mandarin extracts. Also contain soothing
dandelion and lily extracts to give long lasting moisture with anti-allergic
and anti bacterial results. Suits day and night use.

Sounds promising eh?

Left : Emulsion
Right : Toner

The emulsion texture :
LIGHT, so light and really nice for those with oily/
combination skin.

The Emulsion ::

My blemishes and sebum (nose area) is on control after use this product, it doesn't oily and doesn't makes my skin dry. The light texture quickly absorb to your skin and leaves your skin so soft but not feel any greasy at all. I can feel my redness is disappear and calm my skin really well.

I usually use this at noon and night, at noon I only tap it all over my face and at night I use it generously after toner and essence.

Will I purchase again? Probably Yes. ^^v

The toner, I dunno you can see it or not.
Feels so fresh after use this toner.

Toner ::

I personally don't really like this toner, it doesn't make my skin dry tough. But I'm looking for a toner that can hydrate my skin like Aloe. and I want the texture be more condensed. I think people with Oily skin will love this product.

My skin type is combination.
Bit oily on T area and normal but sometimes dry on cheek, eye and mouth area.
My skin pretty sensitive, itch and redness appear if the weather is HOT.

Will I purchase again? I don't think so. hehe


Eyeshadow Play

Few days ago I was bored like hell
and suddenly playing with my Sari ayu eyeshadow pallete.
No full face, only played with the eyeshadow, the color is so pretyy
I couldn't hold my self,  >_<

Isn't it so pwetty?? O_o

Btw sorry for my silly application, Im not really good at put
eyeshadow, hehe

Do tell me what you think lovelies!

Thanks for reading~!


nisa said...

love the eye make-up <3 very colorful and beautiful...I wanna try this look

Stephanie Nangoi said...

the green eyeshadow is just gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Lov3 how you combined the eye colors!

Amy said...

More reasons why I gotta try skinfood...Ahhhh!!!!
Wow, the colors for that palette look so vibrant! I like!

Aya said...

Loving the eye makeup!!! :D I want to try Skin Food pdts so badly but here in the Phils, they're way overpriced and it's better just to order online :/

Kim said...

ee is that for troubled skin? But I reckon that your skin is SUPER flawless?..hehe

Bijin Blair said...

I think your eyeshadow application is great, keep up the good work girly and show us more EOTDs =D

Beige Renegade said...

Thank you for the review! I might try this out. I'm looking for something to control my blemishes and pretty much nothing's ever worked!

Your mascara turned out so cool!

Dilla said...

yaampun esedo nya! CAKEP banget! >.<
great colour combination say.. love it~ <3 ^^

Anonymous said...

oh wow! I love what you did to your eyes babe. The shades blend nicely together! Its so unique :)

Cominica said...

nisa thankss ^^

stephaniethank youuu ^_^


amyboocheck it out its pretty good ^0^v

ayaskinfood here is way overprice too! that's why i order it online ^-^

linanot as flawless as YOU lah dearrr ^O^

blairThank youuuu ^u^

choco Sure ^^, thank youu ^w^

yurinamakasiiihh bebiyyyy, pake sari ayu loohh, wkwkk

popblushthank youu ^-^

KJ said...

Waah that skin food!! I really want that since I have oily probs on my nose and so many bekas jerawat ;.; Where to get it? =O

Cominica said...

You can get it on the counter or buying online dear ^^

Chococcuro said...

Thank you for the review! I might try this out. I'm looking for something to control my blemishes and pretty much nothing's ever worked!

Your mascara turned out so cool!

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