Sunday, June 12, 2011

Review : Beauty Credit Acerola Arbutin Cotton Mask

Beauty Credit Acerola Arbutin Cotton Mask
Pure cotton sheet mask for Clean and Clear Skin.

Acerola Extract 22mg, 440mg Collagen-containing

"Vit C in Acerola extracts effectively brightens the dark skin.
Arbutin in the hypoallergenic pure cotton sheet mask
soothes and hydrates the skin for radiant and
glowing complexion."

This product was a best seller in singapore. And I have a hard time getting this product.
Because this product is very fast OOS.
I'm so happy coz this brand is finally in my country!
But they seems don't have many stock of this Acerola range too.
The most sad thing is the emulsion and skin lotion is OOS in Korea.
And I think it's discontinue ㅠ_ㅠ
So I have to save money to complete my Acerola product range,
coz the product on the counter is pricey.

So this was me using this Acerola mask.
This cotton mask is just so nice!
 sorry for my silly face XD
After using this mask, well,
I think it's too small,huh?Photobucket

What I said about this product.

* The best sheet mask I've tried, coz the sheet is
from pure cotton and so soft and nice.
(It's hard for me to explain it, but its 
a hi quality mask!(´∀`))

* Hydrate my skin makes it so moist.

* Makes my skin look radiant.

* Brighten my dark spots and makes my pores look smaller.

* The smell is too strong! @_@
(I find all sheet mask smell quite strong)

Purchase again? YES! ^_^)v
but it;s quite expensive Photobucket

If you want more radiant and fairer skin,
then you should try this mask.
It's good for dull skin and brighter your
dark spots. ヾ(●´▽`●)ノ  
(but don't expect to much difference)

Relax your self while wearing mask in ac room,
don't think about anything for 10~15 min.
Feel your fresh face after it! (・∀・)v

don't forget to put your night skin care after this.

Thanks for reading, Hope it helps.


Amy said...

I wish this mask was available in my country! :'((((

Your skin just looks soooo gorgeous. It's so smooth and pretty!

Cominica said...

@amy, noo, i will make a post that show my bare face so you can see my flaw and big pores.loll btw thanks :DD

Kim said...

I hate my bare face too, mwahaha.. darkcircles!!

Cominica said...

@lina, yess :((

SeVeRuSLoVez said...

ahahaha..bare face!
mm...ttp mulus..*#$%&!!
imperfectionya cuma 0,0005%..

Cominica said...

hahahaha kan gak di zoom sayyy,
coba di zoom, pasti speechless XDD

athika sutarsa said...

silly question actually, but can i ask you? i always get confused about this... do you wash your face after using that mask?or not?directly using night cream? thx.

♔cominica ai♔ said...

nooo, i use night cream directly :D
if you wash it it would be so wasting the effect >.<

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