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Friday, July 08, 2011

Singkapoh trip part 2 ! and HAUL again :D

4th day ::

Jurong Park, Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden.

big tree at Jurong Park

Relaxing place in the morning ^^

Chinese Garden.

bridge to chinese garden

gold fish pond 

twin pagoda

turtle pond 

Really beautiful park, I don't understand why my singkapo friend 
said that it's not interesting, but I really like it.
The place is so relaxing and a loner like me really enjoyed my time there.
but it was so damn HOT!!!!!! I really looked LEPEK that day, euuuhhhhhh.

Japanese Garden

bridge to japanese garden

tori to garden

sitting to relax coz it's soooo BIG 

japanese red bridge

After that went to Bugis to met my singkapo friend with her husband!
And she's going to have a baby girl~~~~ so nicee! loll

I bought a magazine at Kinokuniya to kill my time while waiting.
And went to Etude house and Watson (AGAIN??).

We had dinner at Clarke Quay, I was eating this and it's EX.
about S$18, if i'm not wrong.

5th day ::

Haw Par Villa! Yeah, we went to there,, it's like a park with many
sculpture. It's like chinese ancient story that teach us the good 
and the bad. And there's a 10 court to hell, it's scary but cool!

the entrance 

 the gate
kwan im pusa

mi le fo

I didn't took many pikkus becoz my camera is out of baterry >_<
so annoying~

After that we went to Chinatown Herritage Centre, it's soo vintage!
I spent more than 2 hours there and read the story, it's so cool.
I took many pikkus too with my mobile phone, but it turn out unclear.

old room inside china town heritage centre

We ate at Smith Food street, there were so many tourist there
and so many people. But the food was quite nice.

So... after eating, I parted with my sis and bro, bcoz I wanted go to
John Little again to find Hana maiko base since it was Out of stock,
but it was still out of stock, so I only bought a perfume for my BF, 
Ginvera Green Tea face wash and Canmake new glossy lolly hip.

Then I remember about Sasa! And just went there, guess what?
They had a 20% on SANA product! And I find the base there, woww
and I bought one pore putty too.
It's so smooth when applied.

I really enjoy shopping make up in Singapore, coz they have so many
Japanese cosmetics and there is a tester too, so we can try the product
ourselves and looking arround without a ppl following us arround (like in my country).

I personally didn't like buying cosmetics without trying or swatch it first.
But, the bad things is you'll ended buying too many things~!

So that's my trip in Singapore, I really enjoy it!
Actually the main point is to buying things that I can't find in my country,
but my adventure with my sis is pretty awesome!

It's my first time stayed in a Hostel, but the hostel is really really
good! Clean and nice, the ppl there were very nice too!
And the location is near clarke quay and MRT.
I stayed in a girls dorm with my sister, S$29 / night.
Got breakfast every morning and full AC room and living room.
The bathroom is so clean too!

Our messy bed! Lol
I was on the top.

The living room, dining room, lol.
it was quite nice, especially if there was no ppl dominating. (≧∇≦)
It's quite small but quite comfortable. ^^
I'd love meeting new people and meet some nice room mates there.
It was so fun! I want go there again next time!

River City Inn
33C Hong Kong StreetSingapore

So here's all my messy haul when I was back at home yesterday.

majolica things

Canmake things 

Dolly wink, I have threw out all the packaging :( 

SANA - Maiko Han , Pore Putty, and Lip gloss concealer

Other brand
Dejavu fiberwig, Maybelline, K-Palette, Japanese eyeshadow, Koji eyetalk and an automatic 
eyebrow pencil from Daiso. 

Find this when we walked arround City Hall ^O^

Skincare, cleansing things from Watson and John Little 

Hair product, BeautyLabo hair essence and Liese bubble hair (threw out the packaging) 

Daiso's falsies and box, etude false lashes. 

Got those boxes at Daiso

So happy got this boxes! Will find more to place my make up and skin care things (^▽^)

Thanks for reading lovelies!

I've got soo many things to TRY and REVIEW.

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