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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Mengapa penting membersihkan Mascara?

Aku yakin pasti kalian jarang sekali (bahkan mungkin tidak pernah) membersihkan tongkat mascara, betul gak? 🤔
Karena aku seperti itu. 😆

Tidak pernah terlintas sebelumnya di kepalaku bahwa membersihkan tongkat mascara itu sepenting ini. Apalagi karena mascara ini aku pakai sendiri, jadi aku pikir tidak masalah jika aku tidak membersihkannya. Ternyata membersihkan tongkat mascara itu banyak sekali manfaatnya dan jika tidak pernah dibersihkan akan berbahaya untuk kesehatan mata.

membersihkan mascara penting

Friday, March 02, 2018

Stage Make Up (FOTD)

I was playing with my make up because I need to find the make up style for my friend's wedding soon. I think it was fun to try various make up look on my face.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


As a beauty blogger, even tho I wear make up a lot but my favorite kind of look is always Natural Make Up. And I'm a fan of Japanese make up and fashion because I think it suits my personality best.

Monday, November 03, 2014

My Halloween Night

Trick or Treat?! Well, Halloween is one of yearly celebration that I like, cos all the Spooky theme is really cute. I celebrated this day with my best friend, Mayu and Miharu. We're all very busy with our job so we celebrated it on 1st November night (cos it was on Saturday night!).

We made all the decorations and foods by our selves, it was a great experience and lovely night for us! We spent the night together, eating, chit-chating and enjoying all the Halloween decorations we made. 

Beware, this post contains lot of pictures.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Make Up

Hello girls, ladies and probably guys~ I got many questions about my make up recently, like every time lol. So I think maybe some girls noticed my style has changed but also some got confused? Okay let me share a little bit about it. :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Masami Shouko Kabuki Brush with Pouch

Hello ladies, ( ≧◡≦)v here's my short review about a new brush I got from Masami Shouko. Masami Shouko is a Japanese premium brand of make up tool such as make up brushes, sponge, etc. It's perfect for Make Up Artist or Make up lover because they also have make up box and travel case too. ♥

Friday, January 18, 2013

Tony Moly Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot

Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot from Tony Moly is a blusher in Jelly/cream texture. I love to use cream blusher because I can apply it with fingers when I'm in a rush. I don't need a brush to apply this, but it looks neater with a brush though. I was attracted to this because of the pastel colors and the Jelly name (^▽^)❤. I've never tried any Jelly blusher before, so here I go. I guess the texture is like cream blusher.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What I bring on my Trip! A Quick post!

Hello everyone!! How are youuu???o(≧▽≦)o
Anyone miss meeee??? *W* *puppy eyes XD
Finally I'm back from my trip! Heheheh, I went to Bangkok-Pattaya for 7 days and Genting-KL for 3 days. I only spent 1 night in Pattaya ahahhah because we didn't plan to go to Pattaya's night life. All details on my trip will be post separately XD.

Actually, I planned to post this post before I went to Bangkok. But, I didn't have enough time that day so I just post it once I'm back in Jakarta. Khehehe >‿<

So, this is what I brought to there. Lol, please keep reading if you want to know XD

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Natural Make Up Tutorial and Natural false lashes review

Hello ladies~ (///∇//)  This is a requested tutorial, I got many request to do a natural make up look. I thought no one interested in natural make up now, lol. This look is simple and easy to do, you can wear this look everyday, for hang out, school or any casual time. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and please bear for my messy hair, hahahah I was lazy to tidy it that day. Enjoy the tutorial!

I'm not a make up artist or make up expert, so please don't mind my bad application. :p And Please let me know if you find this tutorial isn't 'natural' enough. Lol XD

♔ Product I use ♔ (Browse Beauty Review Page if you haven't seen the review).
✩ Liole Dollish Vita BB in Lavender
✩ Lioele Triple the solution bb cream
✩ Everyday mineral Base in Buff fair neutral
✩ SANA Maiko han loose powder in pink
✩ Holika Holika Eyeshadow cream
✩ Skinfood sugar bloom shadow box
✩ Maybelline hyper sharp liner
✩ Dolly wink pencil eyeliner in brown
✩ Lancome voluptuous mascara
✩ MUFE Lash fibers
✩ MajoMajo lash expander frame plus
✩ Dolly wink otona eyebrow pencil
✩ Dolly wink eyebrow mascara
✩ Natural false lashes from Born Pretty Store
✩ Dolly wink eyelash Fix
✩ Revlon blush in Red Apple
✩ Revlon lip butter in Sweet tart and Cupcake
✩ Opera moist lip gloss

If you have watch my tutorial, you can see I was using a natural false lashes to complete this look. I got that false lashes from Born Pretty Store. This false lashes is really soft and the lenght is perfect for my eyes. Not too long and not too short. Other things I love is I got 10 pairs of false lashes in 1 box. The price is really affordable too.

If you're interested in this false lashes, please check the product here. And you can use the coupon code LCDJ61 to get 10% discount.

Thanks for watching and reading ladies! My body isn't fit again.. ;__; because lack of sleep, weather change and too tired. I wonder why my body so weak.. -.-" I even got nose-bleed again yesterday, I work hard because I'm too excited about everything! Is that bad? ≧△≦ but despite of that, I'm really happy! Hehe, I'll be back with other beauty review and make up tutorial. Have a nice days ladies! (≧∇≦)/

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday FOTD and selcas (gyaru inspired)

Hello ladies (≧∇≦)/, so this friday morning I was become my friends model for her assignment. She was going to make a fashion magazine which need few photos spread. I asked her about the style and make up I need to wear, and she said to be my self and she prefer a knit/lace top and something cute and sweet (I have wear this outfit twice XD). So, I came out with this look for the photo shoot >‿< since I love japanese style and gyaru make up. (captured on different lightning, my hair color looks bit different because i edited the tone). This is my selcas, I haven't received all the photo shoot photos but already saw half of it this afternoon, I'll share it once I get it.  (^▽^)

All pictures took with flash

do you see happi on the pictures?? *w*

If you're wondering what is the stick on the left, that is a mic which I use for singing. lol 

♔ What I use ♔
✩ FACE :: LIOLE | ZA Skin beauty
✩ EYE :: Majo Majo | MNY Hypersharp | Majolica lash expander

✩ CIRCLE LENS : Geo Princess mimi

Do you love this look? I hope you like it ^-^. I really love the lower lashes, it makes my eyes look dolly *w*. This is my favorite lashes from Dolly wink! Ah, please vote on the left top of my blog if you would like to see a new tutorial, I was fighting with my self whether I will make a gyaru make up or k-pop make up. @-@, Please help voting if you don't mind ^-^, thank you so much ≧△≦ . Just don't expect to much from me, because I'm not really good with make up. LOL (≧ε≦*)\

Have a great weekend everyone, :* Thanks for reading !(⌒▽⌒)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush in Sweet Apricot

Holla ladies >‿<~ I have made a review about this blush before on here. This is another color in Sweet Apricot, the color is look orange on the packaging but when apply to skin, I think the color is look more coral but still has hint of orange tone. This blush is makes your complexion look fresh and warm. I really love this color since I don't really have many peach-orange-coral tone blush.

The reason why I bought this blush again, is because the price is so affordable and pigmented. I can find this blush easily too here. This blush color suit all complexion, see the color is mix with a coral and orange tone. So pretty, remind me of my Canmake cream cheek here.

with flash

without flash

on my cheeks, lol looks like I apply it too much because I want to show it on my camera XD.

♔ LOVE ♔
♣ Affordable
♣ Pigmented
♣ Staying power 4.3 out of 5
♣ Pretty colors
♣ Easy to find here

♔ HATE ♔
♣ Ugly packaging

♔ Purchase again? No, I already have 2 colors of this. I'll try other brand. ^-^
Not because I don't like it, but I think it's enough, lol. I should hold my self buying another blush again. =A=

Thanks for reading my lovelies!, I hope everyone has a Great weekend. I didn't go anywhere this afternoon, I need to take care of Happi, but really He's getting better! I'm so relieve now. ^-^, This night I probably just going to have a dinner with my family and buy groceries needs. See ya soon! (≧∇≦)/ 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday Activity & Look

Hello ladies~ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Yesterday, I was do a CF shoot for helping my bf friends for their assignment. I was pair with my bf on that CF (///∇//) . The assignment is to make a commercial advertising on TV, the concept is Pocari Sweat if i'm not wrong. I just met with them yesterday and told the whole story at that time ◕ ‿◕.
We was taking few scene shot but unfortunately the rain started to pour so the shooting is stopped.  ( ゚ Д゚) Shit!! Aww, so the shooting is move to next friday and my hair waves was back to straight again (#゜皿゜). We will shoot the remaining scene to complete it next week and I need to wear the same clothes again with a same make up. Lol (*゚ー゚)
I hope the weather is sunny next week so we don't need to change the schedule again. I don't really mind but I just feel lazy to prepare my self so early in the morning. I'm not a morning person, really (゚ε゚ ).

So, this was how I look yesterday~ >‿<

I don;t know why I pose like this -.-"

♔ What I use ♔
✩ SANA Base, Foundation, Powder.
✩ Evian Face Spray
✩ EGM High Def Powder
✩ Canmake cream cheek 07 (apply softly)
✩ NYX Haute jersey bronzer (apply softly)
✩ La tulipe e/s base
✩ Etude aloha palette
✩ MAD gel liner
✩ Maybelline hyper sharp liner
✩ Majolica majorca lash expander
✩ Dolly wink false lashes no.1
✩ SANA Lip concealer
✩ Maybelline water shine
✩ Opera moist lip gloss

The eye make up don't really show up on pictures, because I want to achieve a natural look. Because, I supposed to ride bicycle and this is a sport drink CF, so I want to look fresh and young (?). (゜∀゜) ~ (゜∀゜)(?)

Lately, I was talking with some friends and few of them ask me to hang out for make-up shopping. And I agree to accompany her, it just I really don't have any budget again for spend my money on cosmetics now. 
I've spent it mostly for buy Happi needs, like a really good dog food, nice spot, monthly check up, snacks and all things that will make sure he grow healthy and happy. (^▽^) I know maybe some people think that I'm just waste money for treat a pet, but I don't care. I'm a dog lovers so I don't feel waste or anything.

And other things, I need to pay the tailor for making my design and make brand label. Buy all the essential thing for make a workshop and boutique, and I'm preparing my cosplay costume too, so maybe I'll not buy any cosmetics again until next year. I hope so! Because, I need to hold my self to stop buying, especially Japanese brand, its so hard~~~ Thanks all J-brand cosmetics is hard to find here. lol (T▽T)

Wish me luck and Happi to grow healthy~! Have a nice day ladies~ Hope you have a great weekend~!! (≧∇≦)/

This is a video of Happi, just in case if you all miss him. hehe

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

How I put my Base for everyday make up (for newbie)

Hello! Some ppl ask me about how I put bb cream and put base so my face look flawless (actually not really flawless IRL), I don't really have a secret trick or something >‿<, so don't expect something professional from me since I'm not an expert in this field. ◕ ‿◕

Many girls ask about Ulzzang make up too (mostly high school), so in this tutorial I will use a bb cream since it cover really nice and give a natural result which is mostly Ulzzang has it.
I'll try my best to show it step by step ( ゚ Д゚)

SO, let's start~ Remember to prime your face first with toner, moisturizer and sunscreen! Don't skip this step, this is my face after using toner, emulsion and sunscreen. ⊙▽⊙ omg I look so fugly!  (ノTДT) , But I must bear it, hikss...

       just don't stare at it O_O , lol look so dumb Σ(゜д゜;) 

   1. Put bb cream on your face, I dot it on my right side first.

   2. Use a sponge to blend the bb cream.

                      Can see the difference?

       3. Put on the other side, blend it with a sponge.

  The bb cream really cover my scars nicely, love it (≧∇≦)

4. Conceal dark circles, discoloration over face, nose, smile lines.

             I don't really have a really dark circle, 
       so you can't really see the difference \(゜∀゜)\

Pat over eye area slowly, the warm of your fingers will make the foundation look natural and blend to your skin.

Warm your face with the palm of your hands. just skip this step if you lazy to do it, lol
After this, I'll use a mineral powder. You can use any powder you have, but I like to use mineral one coz it's good for sensitive skin and has a natural finish on my face.  (///∇//) 

I use everyday minerals base in Buff Fair neutral matte finish, I always love a matt finish because my skin can become a little oily on T-Area and I'm lazy to blot my face (`ー´) since i don't think I need one. Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ #kickmyself

I like this safety cap, so your powder isn;t messy and you can bring it everywhere.

Put a little powder on the cap, I use a flat top brush coz I like more coverage, really IRL I have many dark spots, it's a gen from my mom, she has so many dark spots too.  (ノTДT)  (ノTДT)
Buff it all over your face, put more attention to area which need more coverage, but remember don't put too much coz we want a natural look here. (^▽^)

After put the base, it's all done! LOL so easy huh? hahahahhaha (T▽T) , but I always put a finishing powder on my T-Zone and glowy powder on my cheek so it'll look more healthy and not flat.

Remember, you need to take care of your skin everyday!! There's no way make up can make your skin look smooth, it just temporary and don;t believe what ad tell you. The most important things is skin care, without a good and healthy skin you'll never look natural in make up coz you'll need more and more coverage. So, girls started to treat your skin nicely ◕ ‿◕ )v

I'm using flash to capture this below picture so you can see a lil glowy on my nose, cheek and forehead area. Can see it? no??!! Okay (ノTДT) (ノTДT)

So, that is my so easy tutorial, this tutorial is for people who new to make up and I hope it helps okay, If you have any question just free to ask lah but I think no one will ask since this is very easy, puahahahha ( ̄▽ ̄)o

And oh, I make a Ulzzang tutorial together after this base make up, I want to post it now but it'll be a long boring posting, so I'll post it tomorrow okay! stay tuned if you wanna see ◕ ‿◕ 

PS : I'm currently in a 10 outfits for10 days challenge in a femaledaily forum, I'll post all the outfit here on my blog once I finish that 10 days. ~(^▽^)~ aaamm so exciting~!

Thanks for reading, stay pretty!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

LJ 12 Eyeshadow shade n swatches

Have you ever heard this brand? No?
Me too! :D

I found this palette accidentally at John Little.
At first I was hesitate to buy it, but I saw the box is made in JAPAN.
Yeah, i'm sucks when saw made in Japan make up brand.
And the price? Is cheap! I forgot the price but it's really worth to try.

                                                 The inside

                  Swatches (sorry Im lazy to use a base)

                            first row swatches

                            2nd row swatches

                               3rd swatches

♔ LOVE ♔

✩ quite pigmented (dark color)
✩ natural and wearable color
✩ nice for gyaru eye make up
✩ not powdery
✩ mostly shimmer and satin finish
✩ cheap!

♔ HATE ♔

✩ can't get it here! -.-"
✩ light color need to use base so it more pop

I was too lazy to wear a base >.< especially for everyday look, so I really like this
palette. This palette is great for everyday look and soft gyaru look because mostly the
colors are brown, so  wearable and natural, you might like this is if you like
nude make up or natural look for everyday. >‿<
And for people who doesn't people to find them wearing an eyeshadow.

Now, I almost use this palette for everyday/natural look, since all the colors are
really wearable, This palette only has 2 type color, the other one is more colorful.
My sister has is, we bought different colors so we can use it together. LOL

Rating : 7.5/10

Purchase again? No. I'll try other palette ^-^

You can get this palette at John Little Singapore.

Btw, pleasee like my facebook page pleeasseeee?? (T▽T)

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hello ladies! I've use this primer for a while, but havent made any review of it. So here I am! XD

Formula :
Argatensyl, Seanergilium, D-Panthenol & glycerin, Phycosaccharide, Spherical silica, 

microparticles, Oil-free, Dermatologist tested

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

(FAIL)Look : inspired by Christina Aguilera

I reeaaaallly want to make this look loong time ago! But I was not confident back then, coz I love X-tina so much and afraid I'll RUIN her look and yeah I do!

So, with my not-so-good make up skill, I try to make by looked at her picture on burlesque ,he he

She has supa Gorgeous eyes! Lips and everything >‿<

And I want to do her make up, well I tried! It was so hard, yeah since my eyes is small and you know lah asian eyes.
┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘~~┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

I don't have a deep eyelid like her, but in this look I don't use an eye glue. I'm kinda proud because i just poked my eyes few times and there's slightly eyelid on my eyes, woohoooo ^-^

How I poked my eyes?? I swear you don't wanna know! ⊙▽⊙

So, this is my look, okay I'm not trying to copy her pleasee?? And it's not even close either twf -.- It just an inspiration, yeah If only you read what I write just now ≧△≦

wtf with this expression -.-"


no, no FAIL

okay, enough!

HAH! So what do you think?
I need a honest opinion, lol, I know my face a bit weird, lolll 8''D
Actually I like red lips, I feel sexy when wear red lips <-- wtf? XDDDDDDDDD

Thanks for reading by the way~ ^o^)v

And here's zoom to my sister and my eye make up on latest cosplay
event :D

actress eyelashes falsies (from japan)
geo nudy blue
etude proof 10 eyeliner

daiso's falsies (bought in singapore)
etude proof 10 eyeliner
mad gel liner blackout

*till next post!

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