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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Canmake Four shiny eyes

Hello ladies! ( ≧∇≦)/, here's another quick swatch and review of Canmake Four Shiny Eyes in number 05. Hope this review is good enough.

Here's the swatch, I'm using a white paper so you can see the real color before apply it on skin. I hope this swatch is clear enough, I made another one on my hands too. ^-^

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Good Pigment
✩ Nice for make soft smokey eyes
✩ The texture is smooth and easy to apply
✩ Has shimmer
✩ Cute packaging!

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Hard to get in my country
✩ I hope the darkest color look more black

Purchase this palette again? No, I want to try other Canmake colors palette. lol
Recommended? Yeah, this palette is quite good and easy to apply.

---- ramblings ----

Okay, I guess everyone already know that I want to make a boutique, yeah my dream boutique since I was a kid. Finally, it's almost done but I need to make the clothes first and I couldn't find a good tailor to make my design. *sigh . I guess I need to make it by my self, awww I don't know If I can make them all or not but I'll try! That's why I'll cut my time for blogging start from next week. (ノTДT)
I'll still writting and giving review, but maybe I'll have no time to visit your blog regularly and replying comment. Honestly, blogging really take many times from me because I really love it. But, I need to fighting for my dreams so I already decided it. But, I'll try to reply it soon once I'm free. ^-^)v
And for sponsored review, dun worry I'll make the review as soon as possible this week :)

Thanks for always reading everyone and always support me, I hope you have an amazing  days!
Love ya~!

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