Saturday, July 23, 2011


Creates a complexion that exudes health 
from deep within your skin, like a fountain of happiness.
Blends in with your skin as though melting into it, 
ensuring that your complexion stays looking
dewy-fresh for hours on end.

07 Coral Orange

Swatch on hand

[07] Coral Orange
A coral orange that will make other want to brush
their cheek against you, make you want to touch it.
You'll share a little happiness when you smile like a princess ♥

Coral Orange, It should be a pinkish-orange color, and yeah it is!
Actually I was wrong picking this color, I want to get the peach dream.
But, accidentally got this color, but it's okay.

Do you know why I picked the wrong color?

Okay, so I was swatch all the shades on my hands that time at John Little.
And found this color is pretty! Yeah pretty and I think this was Peach color.
It mix of pink and orange though, ͡๏_͡๏
so the clever me think this one is the 01 PEACH DREAM.
sadly, I didn't CHECK the bottom number and think that I was right! Yeah EPIC FAIL!
I even blabbing to my sister that I got the Peach Dream, yaheeeyyy!
Poor me ._.
But I don't regret it coz this color is soo cute too, 
and I don't have this color before ^-^

You may not really see it in the picture, but believe me IRL the color is pretty vibrant, I think it because I'm using flash so the color is hard to show off.(ノTДT). Just a natural look.

♔ What I like ♔
☆ Easy to apply
☆ Staying power 9.5/10 on me.
☆ Cute Packaging (i'm suck for something cute D: )
☆ Cute color 
☆ made in Japan <---wtf?

♔ What I hate ♔
☆ Hard to get in my country! :(

Rating : 10/10

Purchase it again? Definitely! 
I want get aalll the color.

Btw, I will post my make up inspiration by Christina Aguilera,
LOL, I don't know but it seems FAIL  (///∇//)  
Stay tuned if you wanna see it, omgwth XDDD


Dolce Bunny said...

This color is really pretty. Although its not the exact color but I don't really see the orange in it. Hard to tell on the picture, but I'm sure it is a lovely color on your cheeks from the swatches.

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, thank you, yeah almost doesn't has any orange on it, it's really weird. haha >.<

Huynh said...

I don't see any orange but it's still pretty :] And the packaging is cute. And thanks for commenting.

Littleclassyrose said...

thanks for the comment. You're looking so cute :) I really love japanese brand make up. Such gorgeous colors.


♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah packaging rocks! XD

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thank you, and thanks for visit back :D

saccharine0158 said...

this is such a pretty shade and it looks wonderful on you! :3

Amyboo said...

This shade is sooo cute on your skintone! :) Canmake has the most adorable packaging.

tsuruga ren said...

i like the color..too bad its difficult to get it :(

Pat Hannibal said...

OMG!!!!!!!!! ~ I need to this make up: (awwwwwwwwwww ~ i liked much. To my also I would like to have my pink cheeks and very cutes
 <3  i loved (° 3 °)/ i need one!!!!!!!!!!

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thanks dear :)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeeaaah, canmake loveeee :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, T___T

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, get it :DDDDD

Diah Fara Dilla said...

im really like how they glides on smoothly because of their great pigmentation, but the things i really hate from this blush is they have a lot of chunky shimmer.. and the staying power is not really good on me though..
anyway, youre so cute with those green lenses :D

Christine Iversen said...

Really beautiful color :)

Love Christine ♥

Princess MOMOY said...

look good.
the sparkling the best
momoy tot u look cute with this color.
OMG... wanna buy all canmake stuffs very crazy

PopBlush said...

I've wanted Canmake Cream Cheek blushes for the longest time now, but here, there are pretty expensive. 'Coral Orange' looks pretty on you =)

sukipooki said...

I've heard of a lot of good things about this blush so Im glad you like it! I personally am too scared to use cream blushes so I just stick with the powder ones hahahaha I think it is easier to build up =P haha I think it's cutey you made the mistake of taking the wrong colour and it's good that you like it anyways!

Pinkbuble said...

Eventho its not really obvious on ur pic, the swatch on ur hands looks pretty! it glam the coral with a little sparkling stuff ^^

I follow ur blog ^^

Futagonomama said...

I have no. 9. It's the best cream cheek so far

Pau said...

I'm obsessed with that color! I love coral this season !!
Stumbled upon your blog! Hope you can visit my blog and follow if you'd like? I'll follow back :)<

HitomiNeko said...

HI Dear! I’m a sucker for cute packaging too! haha 

Thx for the review ~ I follow u back ^^ 

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo
*hosting giveaway*

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thank you, i lovee shimmer :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeaaahh me too! >.<

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, their price has been marked up -.-"
thanks btw :)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thank you, haha yeah I think powder one is more easier :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, thank you, please leave your link btw so i can follow you back :)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

I have a color like that so I didn't pick it :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thanks for visiting :)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

lol, thanks dear :)

Sweetie Pie said...

This is a lovely blush.. love it. I tagged you with a award. Just visit my site.

Jane said...

awww thanks for the review ^^ I've been into blush lately and I've been wanting to try some of the Canmake cream blushes.. but I don't know where to get them since I live in the US >< sigh;;; this is such a lovely color! I love anything coral!

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thankss :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

i dunno too >.<
maybe you can get it online? I got it once i was in singapore :D
yeah i love this color too <3

Pinkbuble said...

Hey link:

Http:// :)

Nancy said...

I <3333 these! Its too bad they are hard to buy in the US~ But I really love this blush!

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