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Saturday, July 23, 2011


Creates a complexion that exudes health 
from deep within your skin, like a fountain of happiness.
Blends in with your skin as though melting into it, 
ensuring that your complexion stays looking
dewy-fresh for hours on end.

07 Coral Orange

Swatch on hand

[07] Coral Orange
A coral orange that will make other want to brush
their cheek against you, make you want to touch it.
You'll share a little happiness when you smile like a princess ♥

Coral Orange, It should be a pinkish-orange color, and yeah it is!
Actually I was wrong picking this color, I want to get the peach dream.
But, accidentally got this color, but it's okay.

Do you know why I picked the wrong color?

Okay, so I was swatch all the shades on my hands that time at John Little.
And found this color is pretty! Yeah pretty and I think this was Peach color.
It mix of pink and orange though, ͡๏_͡๏
so the clever me think this one is the 01 PEACH DREAM.
sadly, I didn't CHECK the bottom number and think that I was right! Yeah EPIC FAIL!
I even blabbing to my sister that I got the Peach Dream, yaheeeyyy!
Poor me ._.
But I don't regret it coz this color is soo cute too, 
and I don't have this color before ^-^

You may not really see it in the picture, but believe me IRL the color is pretty vibrant, I think it because I'm using flash so the color is hard to show off.(ノTДT). Just a natural look.

♔ What I like ♔
☆ Easy to apply
☆ Staying power 9.5/10 on me.
☆ Cute Packaging (i'm suck for something cute D: )
☆ Cute color 
☆ made in Japan <---wtf?

♔ What I hate ♔
☆ Hard to get in my country! :(

Rating : 10/10

Purchase it again? Definitely! 
I want get aalll the color.

Btw, I will post my make up inspiration by Christina Aguilera,
LOL, I don't know but it seems FAIL  (///∇//)  
Stay tuned if you wanna see it, omgwth XDDD

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