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Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Kawaii Make Up Tutorial

Hey ladies, it's been a long time since my latest make up tutorial. I've got many tutorial requests from my readers, mostly are to do a video tutorial or skin routine. I'm so sorry for not being productive because of my life and my job T__T, my youtube channel is deserted ._. lol

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Amoyamo (AMO) Make Up Tutorial

Hello girls, finally I can share my new make up tutorial to all of you! Sorry If I rarely make any tutorial now because I'm very busy with my works, haha.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dolly Wink Eye Shadow 03 Smoky Brown + Eye Make Up Tutorial

Hello Ladies (≧∇≦)/ , Dolly Wink has released their new Eye Shadow palette. There are two new eyeshadow palette, which are No.02 (Pink Brown) and No.03 (Smoky Brown). Tsu-chan produced two new colors with otona kawaii theme that can make our eyes shine and look chic.

Well, I got No.3 in Smoky Brown few weeks ago. I was so excited to try this eyeshadow that time because of the Smoky Brown color. I got this Eye Shadow from Kay Collection Indonesia, YES they already carry new Dolly Wink Eyeshadow! (/゚Д゚)/

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dolly Sweet Make Up Tutorial inspired by Tsubasa Masuwaka

Heyy ヽ(;▽;)ノ~~ It's been a long time since I made my last make up tutorial, hehe. The reason was I have no time and super busy with work and life. But, last week I made one easy eye make up tutorial for you ladies. Some people already requested me this make up tutorial and so sorry for make it so late, hope everyone will like the tutorial.≧△≦

(lol change the picture because I looked so stupid (TT___TT)

I tried to make a Dolly Sweet make up but still look natural (///∇//). Inspired by Tsubasa's make up on the eyeshadow packaging! I can't make it look 100% same because our eye shape is different. Beside that, this is a make up inspired not a copy, so it might look a bit different~ hahahaha. (T▽T)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Ulzzang Make Up Tutorial and Etude House Secret Long False Lashes

Hello Ladies~! Here I am make an Ulzzang make up tutorial (/^▽^)/, I got many request of Ulzzang look from my best friends and some friends in the past. I never wear make up like this again, because I adore Gyaru make up now, but it's not bad to help people so I made this video yesterday! I caught a cold and my skin condition is awful now, super dry and acne o(╥﹏╥)o o(╥﹏╥)o o(╥﹏╥)o

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My simple gyaru(inspired) make up tutorial

Hello ladies (≧∇≦)/!~ As I've said on my latest post, I'm going to share my simple make up for hang out and this is inspired by gyaru make up on Pop teen magazine (the simple one). Gyaru make up seems to be more natural and not dramatic now a days, I've notice that some Gyaru model use a more wearable false lashes and remove the all bold eyeliner on lower eye, so it looks more natural. ^^ That's why I really love reading Pop teen magazine, the make up style is really suits me and the fashion too! (///∇//)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Enma Ai Cosplay Make Up Tutorial

This is a simple make up for Enma Ai cosplay make up tutorial  (///∇//) , Haloween is coming and don't forget to watch the video till the end. There's me as Enma Ai in action (puahahahha) and I hope you like this tutorial, and for someone who requested it to me I hope this video helps you dear. ^-^

♔ Products I'm using ♔
♥ Face
. SANA Maiko Han Base
. SANA Maiko Han Foundation
. ZA Skin beauty Two way foundation

♥ Eyes
. La Tulipe eyeshadow base
. VoV single eyeshadow *Gray
. Maybelline hyper sharp liner
. Majolica Majorca lash expander
. Majolica Majorca cream eyeliner
. Etude house eyeglow

♥ Lips
. Etude house dear darling tint 01

♥ Bronzer & Highlighter
. from NYX Haute Jersey Leopard couture
. LJ 12 color eyeshadow

And anyone know Hunter X Hunter?? They've released a new remake anime now!!! It's already on episode 2~ Aww i'm so happy, finally the manga is has a progress too. I can't wait. This is a new Kurapika shot from the new release anime.

And if you're watching Fairy Tail, it's already on 100 episode!! cool~! I have so many anime to download today, hoho I'm so happy~ Have a nice day ladies!!~~(≧∇≦)/

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Eye Make Up Tutorial :: Brown Big and Round Eyes ♥

Helloooo all my readers and friends~ (≧∇≦)/
As promised on my last post about kkcenterhk lower lashes review, I would post the eye make up tutorial. Fiuhh, finally done edited it so it looks more neat and easy to read (I hope so!) (゜∀゜). This look is actually made for kkcenterhk review last wednesday, the eye make up is pretty easy. And at that time, I was thinking I haven't made any tutorial again. Some friends already requested me to make some long time ago. Sorry, for not many tutorial make up I've made x_x.

I've used this 4 colors from this two palette, I already gave it a number so it looks more easier to follow. Isn't it? >‿<

Okay, so here'e the tutorial~ Enjoy and I hope you like it.(`∀´)ノ 
And, don't forget to color your eyebrow first okay. I'm not good at drawing eyebrow, so no tutorial for it /(///∇//)\

That's the tutorial, I hope it's easy to follow. I've tried to make all steps are clear and easy to do. ≧△≦
Sorry, If that's not clear enough. I'm not really good explain something. huhu

This is the final look after shading, applied blush, lipstick and lipgloss. These are the products I use, you can click the images to see my review of it. ◕ ‿◕ ,except the blush.

and if you're wondering what lens I've use, I was using Princess mimi lens in sesame gray >‿<)v

more cam-whoring pictures to come, skip if you don't want to see, lol 8'D

smile~~ from your heart >w<


my fave pose, lol I see many poses like this on my pictures x_x

my friends said I look like kumicky here, lol I wish! (゚O゚((○=(`▽´*)o

smile again~~~ I hope everyone is happy ♥ ♥

Thanks for reading my tutorial ♥ and I hope everyone like it! Tell me your opinion about this eye make up, I'm still learning and need advice (///∇//) v. Hope I can stop reviewing products and making more tutorial, lol (I wish!) Have a nice weekend and stay pretty ladies! (≧∇≦)/

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Easy Natural Bigger Eyes Tutorial

Hey ladies ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ ! Finally I can make a tutorial again, I try to make it simple and easy to follow. I think this is not really informative because you can't see how I apply it, and that's because I always use a picture on my tutorial. ⊙▽⊙
I should make a video soon, few friends of mine were requesting me korean k-pop girl band make up tutorial, honestly I'm not into K-pop again, but I still like wonder girls, kara and 2ne1 though, lol. (^▽^)

This tutorial is to show you how I make up my eyes step by step, this is a natural look so don't expect a dramatic one okay. I wear this look to a mall yesterday and love it so much! I got a req again to do a step by step make up to make my eyes look bigger but still natural and look dolly. So, I just came up with this look. I use a medium spiky with a gap false lashes in this look. This will give a natural look because the short false part is blend nicely to your natural false lashes. ◕ ‿◕

I really love this false lashes, even the band it's not clear but it's still okay. I don't mind people aware that I'm wearing a false lashes. This false lashes is long and give you a natural dolly look, enchance your eyes and make it bigger without make it over. >‿<

Prepare your favorite brown eyeshadow palette, I was use Majolica Majorca RD784. This palette has most color which Gyaru always use and has a natural looking brown.
I use a brush from this palette for apply it, except for blending I use a crease brush.

✲ we skip all base make up step and onto eye make up directly. ✲


ღ Put an eyeshadow base all over your eyes, you may not put a base, but this will make your eyeshadow look vibrant. (especially for a palette like this).

ღ Color your eyebrow, I use a brown color for my eyebrow. I never want to use black, I look like shinchan. lol btw sorry for my silly application, I never put attention for my brow coz my bangs will make it not visible.

ღ Put number 2 color all over your lid, it's look like a soft peach brown color. (the right eye)

ღ After that, take number 3, it's a medium brown color. It has sort of orange color on it. Put it on half of your lid to your eyelid line. (See the picture if you don't understand me >_< sorry for my bad english (ノTДT))

Red dots is number 2.
Black dots is number 3.

ღ Put a dark brown color (number 4) close to your upper line. This will make your eyes look more define.

This is how my eye look after this step. You may not see the color but believe me in real life the color look more vibrant but still look so natural.

When it's close, remember to BLEND the harsh line okay.

ღ Put a dark brown color again just on your crease, this will define my small eyelid. Don't forget to blend it soflty.

This is how it looks, my lid look more define and deep.

ღ Highlight it, use number 1 the lighest color in this palette onto your brow bone and inner corner of your eye. I don't know why the color won't show but in real life it looks pretty intense because of the glitter.

ღ Apply number 3 color, a medium and bright brown color on the center of you lower line smudge it to the edge.

ღ Take a dark brown color and apply it like a V shape on the outer corner of your eye. This will enchance your eye size while using a false lashes later. U may not do this step but believe me you will love this step.

ღ Put a liquid eyeliner, extend the line like the picture. This line is going to blend with your false lashes later.

ღ And onto my favorite part! Put a false lashes, yay, look how the false lashes line blend into the eyeliner line? It looks natural and not weird. 

ღ Don't forget to apply mascara to your upper lashes, you may use and electric curler to curl it if you don't want to change the shape of your false lashes.

This is without and with false lashes. lol

This is after put false lashes on both eyes.

Now to the lower lashes, we're almost finish! You may not do this step if you don't like it. But this step is really important to make your eyes look more gyaruish. (since mostly gyaru use lower lashes)
I already cut my lower lashes to small part like this.

ღ Put a mascara to your lower lashes, put more attention to it.

ღ After that put this small part of lower lashes, you may apply 2 parts or 3 to your eyes. 

See the left one is with a lower false lashes, I put three of them. See the difference?

ღ Okay, so put the lower lashes to your other eye and you're done!

Don't forgot put you favorite blush and lipstick to make your face look fresh and complete your look. (^▽^) If you use your favorite color you'll feel happy and confident because of it.
This is the total look. 

I use a doll pink blush and baby pink lipstick color. (Since I love pink color so much!⊙▽⊙) Sorry I forgot to capture this coz I really in a rush yesterday (ノTДT). 
You can use whatever eyeshadow color you have at home. This look is really simple, you just need more patient to do your lashes and it's easy as pie. So, enjoy the tutorial I hope you like it and this tutorialstep help you ladies, and If you have a suggestion, question just ask me on comment board. Thanks for reading and have a nice try! Love yaaa! ε===(っ≧ω≦)っ

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