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Friday, July 22, 2011

Etude House Dear Darling Tint 01

I got number 01 in Cherry Red if I'm not wrong :)
I bought this Lip tint last year I think,
That time, I like to use it coz I like Ulzzang look.

I know many ppl are like Ulzzang look now,Me was like it too back then, hehe ^-^
It's been almost 4 years if I remember it again.

really good pigment!

But this lip tint make my lips dry, so now
I rarely use it again.
I only use it if I'm in a rush and see my pale face,
with this lip tint, my face look more lively. hehe

♕ Like ♕ 
✰ Makes my lips look naturally red
✰ Nice for no make up look
✰ Pigmented

♕ Hate ♕
✰ Makes my lips dry

You'll like this lip tint for everyday use, or
for ulzzang look.

Rating : 7/10

Purchase again? No.

*** ***

I've been thinking to make my post more interesting and not
containing plain boring review, but yeah sorry my brain
work pretty slow so I had a hard time to think.
And ended eating many chicken nugget cause I use my brain too much. #gettingFAT

And I decided to put a look pictures, while I use the item that I reviewing,
hope it helps :)

AND Here's the look on my lips, I make an ulzzang look so you can see
the lip tint color on my lips.
It really gives your lips a natural cherry red shade.
Personally I don't really like it since my lips get pretty dry, but
on this look I use my HG lip balm first, you can see the review here.

So, what do you think?my face is a lil weird O_OI'd love to hear what you think :)

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Why I join this competition? Well, coz I was pretty bored last night and when
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I don't like pushing anyone TT____TT

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I'll be posting Canmake Cream Blush Review next! ^-^
Stay tuned ladies!

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