Friday, July 22, 2011

Etude House Dear Darling Tint 01

I got number 01 in Cherry Red if I'm not wrong :)
I bought this Lip tint last year I think,
That time, I like to use it coz I like Ulzzang look.

I know many ppl are like Ulzzang look now,Me was like it too back then, hehe ^-^
It's been almost 4 years if I remember it again.

really good pigment!

But this lip tint make my lips dry, so now
I rarely use it again.
I only use it if I'm in a rush and see my pale face,
with this lip tint, my face look more lively. hehe

♕ Like ♕ 
✰ Makes my lips look naturally red
✰ Nice for no make up look
✰ Pigmented

♕ Hate ♕
✰ Makes my lips dry

You'll like this lip tint for everyday use, or
for ulzzang look.

Rating : 7/10

Purchase again? No.

*** ***

I've been thinking to make my post more interesting and not
containing plain boring review, but yeah sorry my brain
work pretty slow so I had a hard time to think.
And ended eating many chicken nugget cause I use my brain too much. #gettingFAT

And I decided to put a look pictures, while I use the item that I reviewing,
hope it helps :)

AND Here's the look on my lips, I make an ulzzang look so you can see
the lip tint color on my lips.
It really gives your lips a natural cherry red shade.
Personally I don't really like it since my lips get pretty dry, but
on this look I use my HG lip balm first, you can see the review here.

So, what do you think?my face is a lil weird O_OI'd love to hear what you think :)

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Why I join this competition? Well, coz I was pretty bored last night and when
I was see this page, I was like "Okay, I'll try, maybe someone will like my photo." #ActAllMighty
And waiting for about 3 hours, and ... okay, no ones like it. HAHA #desperate
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Please like me If you like my cosplay picture. Okay, LOL.
I don't like pushing anyone TT____TT

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I'll be posting Canmake Cream Blush Review next! ^-^
Stay tuned ladies!


Phuong said...

the  color looks so good on you
Travel in Style

Aya said...

Re-followed you :)))

jonna said... it dries your lips..i dont like that if it is ..>.<

Saakira said...

Big sis very pretty <3 :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thank so much aya! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thanksss :)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thankss <3

Ellie said...

That tint is absolutely beautiful. It looks fantastic on you! Love your blog darling, definitely following. 
Have a great day!

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thank you :)
follow you back, ur blog is cool too :D

Dewi said...

This color is really beautiful!

Ellie said...

You're lookign quite tsubasa there ;) Oooooohhhhh excited for the next post :D canmakecanmakecanmakeeeeeeeee!!

Jane Kim said...

thanks for the review! sucks that it makes your lips dry =\ love your photos by the way! so pretty ^^

JessyT said...

i like the colour, its pigmented, but not over powering...i like it


Amyboo said...

The color looks nice for everyday! Too bad it makes your lips dry...:( I hate it when lippies do that!

Now that you mention it, I haven't been receiving updates...I refollowed just in case! Hopefully it helped. <3

Ask Erena said...

I was trying to re-follow you, but I see my pic in yr followers:-) I followed you on Blogloving... That color looks cute on you.. Nice post.
Ask Erena 

PopBlush said...

I've never tried lip tints because I've heard some of them make your lips dry. Lip tints are so pretty though!

I re-followed you here hun, you're right, I wasn't getting any updates of your blog! But now I am =)

Stephanie Nangoi said...

I love and adore lip tints! I just applied it, wait for them to dry completely and apply a layer of lip balm on top to make it look super natural... ^^

Chloe Lum said...

i absolutely love lip tints and etude house is a nice brand as well! definitely giving this a try. usually i would apply a lipbalm over my lips after the tint so it doesn't look too dry :)

Marion ♥ said...

You're so pretty :O
I followed back love!
Can we be friends? ^^

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, i love it too, it's natural :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thaaankss, no lah, i'm not even like her, LOL :D
yeah, will make canmake next :)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

Thanks dear, yeah it makes my lips dry :(

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, u're right :)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, i use lip balm first though, but still I like lip gloss more than lip tint :(

haha yay! thanks dear :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thanks dear, sorry btw >.<
and thanks for your caring :)

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thanks dear, I really appreciate it :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah, sometimes I apply it that way too :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

etude house is nice, yeah glossy lip balm will do :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

You're pretyyy  tooooo :D
yeah, sure ^-^)v

Marion ♥ said...

do you have a facebook? :D or twitter? let's talk!

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeaahh, here's my fb

I rarely open my twitter, better add my fb dear! :D

saccharine0158 said...

i love it on you dear! :) will vote for your picture when i log on to my FB. ^_^

cookie . said...

I think cherry color really looks good on girls with a light skin as yours :3
oh and for some reason the link for voting on your cosplay doesn't work on my laptop o.0''i must say i fell in love with your blog, i think i'm gonna stalk you, kay? ^^
ps- i love the classical music on your blog, it's so rare to find people on our age that really enjoy listening to orchestras! *o*

xoxo Monstros no Armário

♔cominica ai♔ said...

wow! thank you so much! :D

♔cominica ai♔ said...

thanks so much, maybe you need to log on to your fb first, but its okay :D

btw I don;t have a bgm O_O

Yukikato said...

waaaah kita lipgloss-nya sama. hahaha. cuma beda warna XDD. aku juga pake etude. hehehe

♔cominica ai♔ said...

pake yg warna apa? hehe ia ini lip tint tapi say, aku krg suka sih bikin kering =.=

☆ ayu☆ said... it dries your lips..i dont like that if it is ..>.<

♔cominica ai♔ said...

yeah >.<

Lina Kim ♥ said...

mwaa...I love EH's tint range already ^^

jessa diya said...

i love mine...but i use it with a moisturizing lip balm...

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