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Friday, July 29, 2011

LJ 12 Eyeshadow shade n swatches

Have you ever heard this brand? No?
Me too! :D

I found this palette accidentally at John Little.
At first I was hesitate to buy it, but I saw the box is made in JAPAN.
Yeah, i'm sucks when saw made in Japan make up brand.
And the price? Is cheap! I forgot the price but it's really worth to try.

                                                 The inside

                  Swatches (sorry Im lazy to use a base)

                            first row swatches

                            2nd row swatches

                               3rd swatches

♔ LOVE ♔

✩ quite pigmented (dark color)
✩ natural and wearable color
✩ nice for gyaru eye make up
✩ not powdery
✩ mostly shimmer and satin finish
✩ cheap!

♔ HATE ♔

✩ can't get it here! -.-"
✩ light color need to use base so it more pop

I was too lazy to wear a base >.< especially for everyday look, so I really like this
palette. This palette is great for everyday look and soft gyaru look because mostly the
colors are brown, so  wearable and natural, you might like this is if you like
nude make up or natural look for everyday. >‿<
And for people who doesn't people to find them wearing an eyeshadow.

Now, I almost use this palette for everyday/natural look, since all the colors are
really wearable, This palette only has 2 type color, the other one is more colorful.
My sister has is, we bought different colors so we can use it together. LOL

Rating : 7.5/10

Purchase again? No. I'll try other palette ^-^

You can get this palette at John Little Singapore.

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