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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My simple gyaru(inspired) make up tutorial

Hello ladies (≧∇≦)/!~ As I've said on my latest post, I'm going to share my simple make up for hang out and this is inspired by gyaru make up on Pop teen magazine (the simple one). Gyaru make up seems to be more natural and not dramatic now a days, I've notice that some Gyaru model use a more wearable false lashes and remove the all bold eyeliner on lower eye, so it looks more natural. ^^ That's why I really love reading Pop teen magazine, the make up style is really suits me and the fashion too! (///∇//)

So, this is the tutorial, I hope you like it. Please don't laugh at my english and my dumb round face here XD, I know I sound weird, but I hope you all understand what I was saying, mwahahahah. XD This is the first video where I was speaking too much LMAO, nervous detected*. (oh well I've try! XD)
I've already put base on my face, because this is just a make up for hang out so I was using a light-medium coverage foundation and my skin isn't really in a nice condition. So, please bear with it >.<

♔ Product I use ♔
(in case you don't understand what I was trying to say xD)

✩ FACE : SANA Maiko Han Base | SANA Maiko Han Foundation | SANA Maiko Han Powder
✩ EYES : La Tulipe eyeshadow base | Skinfood sugar bloom | Maybelline Hypersharp Liner | Majolica Majorca Lash Expander | Dolly Wink eyelash fix | False lashes | kkcenterhk lower lashes 
✩ LIPS : Etude color me nude | Canmake nudy glow | Opera moist lip gloss
✩ CHEEK : MNY Clear smooth blush | Canmake cream cheek

Thanks for watching, I hope it's easy to do ≧△≦ . If you have a question just ask me here. I'll make gyaru-model-inspired make up tutorial again next time and thanks for voted the polling, I'm going to make other make up tutorial too. Like ulzzang and K-pop inspired make up, I'll try to make the natural one too. Thanks for all your support. Means so much to me! ^-^)/ Byeeee~~ Have a nice day!

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