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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Canmake Cream Cheek 08 Marshmallow Pink+FOTD+EOTD+10for10 Challenge (Picture Heavy)

Helloo Helloooo Hellooooooo (≧∇≦)/, I'm going to make a review and swatch of this cute Canmake cream blush number 8 in Marshmallow Pink now. (what a cute name! (☆ω☆*))

Canmake Cream Cheek in Marshmallow Pink, A pure pink that will give you warm cheeks which will make him want to protect you. Enslave him with cheeks that he'll be unable to resist, wanting to kiss?!

Lolll, the description is so funny, when I use this today my bf looks like feel nothing like want to protect me or something, puahahaahhah. Wanting to kiss? I don't know I need to ask him, but I bet he'll laugh like crazy ⊙▽⊙ .

This color is so soft, gives you a natural pink cheek and innocent look. The texture is really easy to apply and spread, makes my face look glowy too. Love it!

However the staying power isn't that good if you wear it for all day. Except you apply a lot!

Beware if you have a big pores, if you don't have a good base, you better don't try this because it will make your pores look more visible. It has shimmer so don't forget to clean completely after use.

♔ LIKE ♔
✫ Cute color & packaging!
✫ Easy to apply
✫ Has shimmer, I love shimmer!
✫ Melt into my skin, isn't look too much
✫ Gives a natural healthy pink cheek

✫ Hard to get in my country!! WHAT ELSE??  (ノTДT)
✫ So-so staying power
✫ Sometimes makes my pores look visible because of the shimmer and creamy texture

can't think any again, lol. If you have a tan skin tone I think this will perfect for highlight your cheek bone >‿<.

Zoom to my eye make up, sorry it's so messy I really in a rush, just have about 30 minutes, I'm slow doing eye make up so 30 minutes isn't enough for me  (ノTДT)

And so, If you were read my older post, you'll know that currently I'm doing a 10 outfits for 10 days challenge in a forum. And now I'll post it here, I'm on my third day now! So, enjoy and tell me what you think   (///∇//) \

my 10 pieces for 10 days ◕ ‿◕ 



 3RD DAY - Here's how I look today, lol

I look so messy here, yeah I sweat a lot coz it's sooooo damn hot (ノTДT), hope you don't get bored looking at my face, puahhahahah (ノTДT)
Thanks for reading ladies! I'm thinking to make a tutorial and contact lens review this weekend, wish me luck!

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