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Monday, September 12, 2011

Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix Review

Hello ladies!! (≧∇≦)/, I want to give some opinion about this eyelash fix. It's from Dolly wink, well I guess everyone already know about this right? Haha the first reason why I bought this glue was because the packaging is super cute! >‿< After use it for a while, I realize this glue is better than other glue I've ever tried! ≧△≦

The applicator make it so easy to apply directly to my false lashes. The brush is so small and thin, so don't afraid you'll accidentally put too much glue on your false lashes, hehe. 

The smell of this glue is same like Koji eye talk, really! If you have these two items you might find out before. 

The color of the glue is white, but when the glue becomes dry, it turn out clear. Super good!

The glue is formula is quite strong. When I went to beach in Bangka on my last holiday, this glue hold my false lashes even though I sweat so much. I also wipe my sweat though and I think this glue isn't T_T 

But, this is the first glue that makes my false lashes stay more than 4 hours~

Tips, wait about 30 seconds before apply it to your eyes. Never apply it when the glue still wet and look completely white, it won't stick to your eyes!

This glue is easy to remove from your false lashes, don't worry about the band. Just remove it slowly and with patience. 

When remove, the glue is like a rubber, really easy to remove.

see the glue?? :)

Look at the band, it's still look nice and new after remove the glue ^^

Talking about the price, I purchased about 139.000 idr, around $15.79. It's not cheap, but the quality is good and I like it. 

For now, I'd stick to this even though I prefer more cheaper one with the same quality and of course waterproof! lol

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Brush applicator to put the glue without a mess
✩ Thin brush
✩ The glue turn out clear when dry
✩ Stay for hours!! :p
✩ Easy to remove from the false lashes

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Strong smell
✩ Not waterproof!
✩ Not cheap, puahahhaha! X'D

✩ Purchase again? Yeah, If I can't find New diamond lash eyelash fix (which is waterproof) >w<)v

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