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Thursday, August 25, 2011

SANA Maiko Han Powder

Hello ladies, been waiting for this review?? (`∀´)ノ 
This powder is the best loose powder I've ever use. The SA told me, this gives you a natural and smooth finish because of it's micro powder and a really soft texture.
So, it doesn't look heavy when you use it and gives you a natural and healthy look. Is it so? lol (゜∀゜)

This powder has two color, yellow and pink. I got the pink one because my foundation color a lil yellow, this powder will neutralize my skin tone.
The scent is like the base and foundation, so relaxing. You got a puff inside and believe me, the puff is really really soft and fuwa fuwa (///∇//) .

The packaging design is make it easier for you to use it without a mess. And this powder has a big/normal size! I got this small size to try and want to get the bigger one once this one is finish.

I'm sorry I can't post a before and after I use this powder. But this powder is really soft and has a light coverage. That's why I never breakout again after use this SANA Range. Our pores need breathe, so don't use a heavy one for everyday make up! *Q*

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Smooth finish
✩ Got a nice Soft puff
✩ Doen't makes me breakout
✩ Nice scent
✩ Light feeling and not heavy

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Hard to get in here (ノTДT)

♔ Purchase Again? YEAH. I want to get the bigger one. You should try this if you're looking for a light loose powder for everyday use!
I really recommend this.

I'm going to a holiday soon and probably will not posting in the next few days. Tomorrow I want to meet someone for making a collection for my boutique. Wish me luck! ^-^
And for requested post, I'll make it after holiday. I'll make it once I'm free~

Thanks for everyone who support me and (thank you for hating me too :p). It means so much for me, knowing that someone like to read my blog even though my writing skill and english isn't good. I know I can't make all people love me, but it's okay. I'll still continue my life, I have lots of things to do. I'll think positives and thanks for all comments. I know I'm not perfect, I'm not a nice girl either. But at least, I already try to be patient with all those insult and yeah I'll try not to think about it again. :)

But let me tell you something, If I was wrong just tell me. Don't talking behind my back with bunch of people, don't act so COWARD, you're not a CHILD!. Just tell me directly. =w=)v

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope all of you have a nice days!
Stay healthy and Love ya~!ε===(っ≧ω≦)っ
I'll reply all your comments after holiday~ Bye~ ^O^/

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