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Monday, January 09, 2012

Modified my false lashes

Hello ladies!! How was your weekend? Last friday I was modified my false lashes by cut it. I want to make it shorter and more wearable for hang out, lol. I cut about 4 pairs, but I'm going to share 3 of them because I forgot to capture the last pair because I was too sleepy at that moment. >_<
All you need is a scissor to cut it to however you like, I'm going to share the before after here.

First pair, is the one from kkcenterhk which I reviewed here

Before, above. After, below.
Cut it to 2 pair like this only for the edge of my eyes. The reason why I cut it is the false lashes is too long for my eyes and I like to use lower lashes only on the edge on my eyes for hang out. It looks not over and nice than put it all over my lower eyes, it seems to heavy D:

*** ***

The second pair, is handmade false lashes I've got on my local seller here. I've never review it before.

Before, above. After, bellow.

I'm not sure you can see the difference or not, because I just trimmed the inner corner of the false lashes. This will make the false lashes suit my eye shape even more, because the before false lashes makes my eyes look to heavy on the inner corner. I want my inner corner of my eyes is shorter than the middle so it'll look more nice.

*** ***

The third pair, I haven't reviewed this false lashes. I bought this false lashes to be use with other false lashes that doesn't has a wing effect. I usually put this falsies on the edge on the outer corner of my eye to the middle (after put spiky false lashes). This false lashes is to long, I want to make the middle side more shorter than the outer side so it'll blend with the current false lashes I use at that time. (I usually put it on the middle till the outer corner).

So, I cut it to like this. Just a lil more shorter. lol, Idk if you notice it or not @_@

And I use three of them on my EOTD picture below, this is my EOTD-(inspired by popteen) last sunday, when hang out with my bro and sister. (crop it from my random selcas), 
Do you love this eye make up? Actually I've made a tut about it, but I haven't edit the video, hope I can post it soon. >.< (you can see how I put my false lashes to there).

I hope you love this post, it's not hard to cut your own false lashes. Just try to be patient while cut it. I use a paper scissor to cut the falsies, because that's all I have on my room. lol XD , and oh I've made a shirt for Happi >.<, this is my first time make a clothes for pets, I think the size is a bit different but yeah I've, so this is my boy ^O^

Thanks for reading ladies, Good luck! ^-^

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