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Friday, May 06, 2011

Review: Purederm Strawberry Yogurt Mask

Another favorite mask from Purederm! I'm not exactly a makeup or skincare maniac. However, I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin condition since I started using masks regularly, albeit from different brands.

This mask is infused with strawberry, known for its pimple-preventing, anti-aging, and pore-tightening properties, leaving your skin soft and supple. It also contains yogurt, vitamin E, and collagen, contributing to softness, moisture, and revitalization. Collagen, in particular, acts as an anti-aging agent.

I incorporate this mask into my routine once a week, every Wednesday. During my PMS, my nose, cheeks, and jaw often break out in pimples, which drives me absolutely mad = . = " However, regular use of this mask, combined with my daily skincare routine, has significantly improved my skin condition.

In addition to using masks, I exfoliate my face twice a week and massage it regularly to promote healthy blood circulation, preventing pimples from appearing. Facial massage not only keeps your skin looking younger but also ensures its overall health and vitality.

Tadaahhh, it;s me O_o

My silly face, lol

My face condition? Few acne scars scattered over my cheeks, jaw, and forehead, along with some discoloration on my nose and noticeable pores.

I've already repurchased this mask. I'm completely addicted to masks now. lol.

What I Like about this mask :: ☆ Effectively prevents pimples ☆ Leaves my skin incredibly soft ☆ Has a delightful sweet strawberry scent ☆ Each pack lasts for 4 uses or more

What I don't like :: Contains parabens

Would I purchase it again? :: MAYBE


My haul last week

I bought a few masks and some facial cotton from Watson

 rose tube dress

just some cute dresses

That's all. Thanks for reading ^^

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