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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Me and My blog

I got a lot of questions about how I start my blog and about my blog content which turns to fashion. I know I rarely write about my life, my dream and my thought. And now I'm going to share a little bit about it. ₊(ˊᵕ͙ૣᴗᵕ͙ૣˋ)ˈ·˚* Please don't get bored okay? HAHA

So, I'll start this post with few Q&A, mostly questions that I received the most.

me, in 2011 different ne? ;D LOL

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Eyemazing Amoyamo 819 Street Style

Hello(۶்▿்)۶, now I'm going to share about new false lashes I tried yesterday. It is Eyemazing Amoyamo produced by Ayamo-chan "Street". Ayamo-chan is known by her popular street style and chibi figure, mostly people know her from her duo group with Amo-chan "Amoyamo". I know her from Zipper magazine, lol she was always together with Amo-chan! (*/ω\*) They must really close IRL.

Her style always so rock and so is her make up, well I tried to create her make up look in this post with the false lashes.

✧ Packaging :
Comes with all black colour to suit ayamo's street image, it's so rock and cool. (•̤ ॢꇴ•̤ ॢ)

✧ Design :
The false lashes is came in brown reddish colour, clear band and thin feather. The design is quite natural because the front part is placed one by one and separately. The middle to end part is longer and more volume but still looks natural.

The curl shape isn't my favourite because it's not really fit my eye shape. Please don't curl this false lashes with eyelash curler because the feather is so thin and can ruin them!

✧ Quality :
The feather is thin and soft, but really week and hard to shape (IMO). The quality is quite good and can be reuse many times. Remember to always clean your false lashes after the application and store them. (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و ̑̑

Since the false lashes is brown, I tried to use brown eyeliner and brown mascara to fit Ayamo's make up. I think I shouldn't wear purple lens lol

She loves to wear red lipstick which looks so bold and cool, just like her image. But because I wasn't in the mood to wear lipstick, I use lip tint instead. (っ﹏-) , still ok la? lol

Click the link for direct review ::

. Base : Etude House CC Cream | Lioele Tripple BB Cream | Candy Doll Loose Powder

. Eyes : Dolly Wink Cream | Dolly Wink Pink | Liquid Eyeliner | Brown Liquid Eyeliner
            Brown Mascara |

. Blush : Canmake

. Lip : Milky Tint | Cherry Tint

✧ Where to buy :
You can get this at Watson if you live in Singapore, or at some online store. 。.:*♡

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Face Shop Face&It PK101 Lipstick

Hello ladies (ノ゚0゚)ノ, Well, I know I rarely post about beauty things now. That because I rarely buy any new products again, I'm saving money for my trip next year! ( ๑˃̶ ॣꇴ ॣ˂̶)♪⁺·✧ 

I got this lipstick from my auntie about 4/5 months ago I think? I'm not really into korean make up but well it's not a bad things to share what I thought about this Lipstick, ne? hehe

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

OLIVE des OLIVE & Eir Aoi at Jmusic Lab

Hello everyone!(۶்▿்)۶ Last week, I joined another fashion show by OLIVE des OLIVE at Jmusic Lab, Jakarta. It was their last fashion show at Jmusic Lab closing day. The fashion show was held on Saturday and Sunday, there were Eir Aoi performance on both days and Cosplay event on Sunday. So many people came and support the event, it was awesome! ෆ⃛(⑅ ॣ•͈૦•͈ ॣ)꒳ᵒ꒳

Last week, I was busy preparing outfit for the fashion show. It was fun but I felt a little bit sick during the show because of the weather, but glad the show went well!

All photos credits from jmusiclab, and some people on instagram and twitter, thanks for tagged and tweeted me!

OLIVE des OLIVE giveaway quiz!


Eir Aoi 's performance was super AWESOME too! I knew her from YUI "She Loves You" album, She covers Gloria song. When I heard her voice♪ at the first time I immediately fell in love! Her voice is so powerful and high, I'm so addicted with her songs after that, hahahha!

I watched her performance at AFA for only 10 minutes because I need to back to the hotel with the others. And I'm so happy because I can see her live performance again at Jmusic Lab! It was super crowded, everyone was so excited hahaha!

And on Sunday, I brought Eir Aoi's CD for a sign but I was afraid to ask her manager LOL. But later, OLIVE's manager Ohata-san was kindly told Ken-san (from Sony Music Japan) that I'm Eir Aoi's fan and would love to ask her for a sign. And the manager-san was kindly let me came inside to the room, gosh I almost screamed but I hold my self (● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ु⁾⁾ (slapped). 

Ken-san was introduced me to the manager and Eir Aoi, he told them I'm a fashion blogger and model for the fashion show, lol. Eir Aoi was super sweet and humble, she even hold my hands (。º̩̩́⌓º̩̩̀) (dieofhappiness). Then she signed my CD and wrote my name, I was the happiest person that day! (LOL)

After that, the manager asked if I want to take photo, of course I want la ( ╥﹏╥) (dieofhappinessagain). Then Eir Aoi said she wants to take photo with me too, said she wants upload it on her blog, how can I be so lucky? ( ╥__╥)\

She's so tiny and kawaii I can dieee (*/ω\*)

And this is my little part on her blog (๑ ิټ ิ) hehe (super touched!) , she's the kawaii one >_<!

Then, I told I'm her fan and I love her songs (LOL), she was so humble and said thank you many times, hahaha. The manager kindly asked me to write about Eir Aoi too on my blog, I said "mochiron!" I really like her my God (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)♡

So, if you still don't know about her please kindly watched her video below, hahahha! Hope you'll love her too like I do! (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و ̑̑

Got this two cute bags from OLIVE des OLIVE, so kawaii ne? (۶்▿்)۶
Kindly like OLIVE des OLIVE Indonesia page here, support them and share it to your friends so they can open their store SOON in Jakarta! (•̤ ॢꇴ•̤ ॢ)

See you~!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Small Collection for Christmas and Holiday

Since Christmas and Holiday is near, I prepared a small collection for my indiebrand "Cominica Couture". I thought it will be so kawaii and beautiful if I made this a vintage flower edition, coz my self would love to wear something pretty and feminine for Christmas. (๑¯◡¯๑)੭ु⁾⁾

So I made like 8 outfits for the collection, kindly check it out! (ᵄ̴̶̷́ॢ ˙̮ ᵄ̴̶̷̀∗ॢ)·₊♡

Which one is your favorite? hhahha

Monday, December 09, 2013

Brightlele Natural Black and Long hair wig

Sometimes, I miss my long black shiny hair, hahhaha. But I don't want to dye my current hair to black because I love my hair color so much now!(。º̩̩́⌓º̩̩̀).゜ So, the only solution is .. a wig! A natural wig that looks like a real hair and soft. (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و ̑̑

Hazelnut cawaii was kindly sent this Brightlele wig for me. It is really really soft and easy to maintain. And the thickness is quite similar to my real hair, hehe.(۶்▿்)۶

Do you think I look weird with black hair? lol (º﹃º)

Thursday, December 05, 2013

A Comfy Day

I've been reading Mer Magazine lately since my friend gave it to me from Japan. He said this magazine is popular in Japan because of the kawaii street style and casual. And this style is one of them, I think this kind of style looks so comfortable to wear ahahha. It feels like home! ₊(ˊᵕ͙ૣᴗᵕ͙ૣˋ)ˈ·˚*

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Sweet Pink Lolita Shoes

I always love Lolita fashion, but never tried to make any real Lolita costume. Some of my designs are inspired by Lolita but more casual one, so I can't say they're lolita. But this time, I'm going to share about my new sweet lolita shoes.  (ᵄ̴̶̷́ॢ ˙̮ ᵄ̴̶̷̀∗ॢ)·₊♡

Sunday, December 01, 2013

A Perfect Sunny Day

This week, the sun is shining like crazy and the weather is pretty hot in the afternoon but later raining at night. It's not a good weather for me because I can easily got sick (๑´﹃`๑ ). But sunny day is perfect for take photo because the light is super nice, hahhaha.

Wore this outfit on last friday (minus the red shirt lol), went to Central Park mall with some friends. I was super bored at home coz I was designing layout all day in front of computer. (。•́︿•̀。), I went to Uniqlo at Mal taman anggrek too at night lol super crowded there I almost couldn't breathe! #slapped

I think this sporty outfit is very very cute!! hahahah Idk but it makes me look so young (?) (۶்▿்)۶

My hair color is turns to milk caramel color, similar with milk tea color. I use beautylabo last week because my hair was turn greasy (。º̩̩́⌓º̩̩̀) have blonde hair is hard le, hahhaha.

I rarely wear a hoodie because I'm afraid I'll look fat hahahahaha, but it turns quite well but I look kinda chibi here. ne?

Wore a cute cat stocking but it covered by the skirt, hahahha! All the outfits are from OLIVE des OLIVE Japan. For the stocking you can get it here <<

    OLIVE des OLIVE Indonesia  >> <<

This super kawaii shoes are from OLIVE des OLIVE too, hehe. I can't wait for another OLIVE des OLIVE fashion show on 14/15th of December at Jmusic Lab!

Do you love this kind of Japanese kawaii street style? (๑•̀ुᴗ-)و ̑̑

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Secret The Coco Magic by Coco Kinoshita

Helloooo ladiesss~(~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Now, I'm going to do a make up review after so long, hahah. This time is a Japanese brand "SECRET The Coco Magic" by Coco Kinoshita. Have you heard her name before? So, Coco Kinoshita is a Japanese super model which appeared in many Japanese Magazine. She's very pretty and mature! lol

I got this lipstick during my AFA Time. Got this from Marble Wonderland, hehe so happy~! \(//∇//)\

☆ Packaging :
It comes with a metallic case in Gold color, it has a circles and lips print on the surface.  I think it looks glamorous and deluxe, but still has that kawaii feeling, lol. 

☆ Color :
This edition has 8 shades, all very pretty. But I only got 2 colors, they're :
. 2DA (left) , a warm nude beige color with a little bit pink shimmer.
. 29A (right) , a nude pink beige color without any shimmer, milky result.

☆ Texture :
Both of the colors have a soft medium texture which isn't too thick and creamy like Candy Doll lipstick. The color shows quite well on my hands, you still can see the difference!  o(*≧▽≦)o

☆ Formula :
It's not watery and moisturizing on my lips, so I need to put a little lip balm first before the application. It stayed quite long if I topped them with a lipgloss. The color isn't too bold and bright on my lips, I think it still looks quite natural. Not waxy. (• ◡•)

I wear the nude beige color on my lips, it can't really cover my whole lips completely because of the medium textured lipstick.  (・_・ヾ

But I really love how it looks on me, it makes my look looks more warm and sweet. ♡∀♡

Wear the nude pink beige color, the texture is same like before. You can see a little bit pinkish color but it isn't too obvious because it looks similar like my natural lip color, hahahha. ( *___*)

Sorry the flash is too bright, haha I hope you still can see the color on my lips!

☆ What I like :
The soft and medium texture which easy to apply and looks natural. Not too thick and waxy on my lips, feels comfortable even for touch up after eating!

☆ What I don't really like :
The fact that the texture is 'soft' makes the color a lil bit hard to show on my lips, I need 2-3 applications to get the exact color. Actually I don't really mind, lol.

If you're looking for a natural nude lipstick, you can try this. But, please note that the color is need few applications to show on my lips. I'm not sure on people with dark colored lips, but I suggest you to use lip concealer first to get the exact color.

This lipstick was win as the best Lipstick on November 2012 at MAQUIA Online.

I didn't wear any lipgloss so you can see how the lipstick looks like. After topped with a lipgloss it looks so pretty and milky, hehe.

. False Lashes : UP Here (the last falsies) | Below Here
. Circle Lens : iFairy
. Highlighter : Candy Doll
. Blush : Canmake | Revlon
. Base : Lioele | Mac Fix

☆ Price :
1480 Yen

☆ Where to get ?
I'm not sure where to get this lipstick because I got this from the AFA Cafe owner, but maybe online store like Sasa carry this. (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)

Tips Untuk Mencari Pasangan Yang Cocok