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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow #01 Gold

Hello ladies~~(*´▽`*) So now I'm going to share my review about Dolly Wink Cream Eyeshadow no. 1 in Gold. As I mentioned this on my post here, I really love love this Cream Eyeshadow. This product is sent to me from Kay Collection for review purpose. Read more if you want to know why I love it so much.

I don't need to say again about how adorable she is(///∇//), right? *slapped

Tsubasa~ Tsubasa everywhere~~(/^▽^)/ 

How to make shiny eyes like her~

Unlike the eyeshadow, this cream eyeshadow clear plastic on front is look a bit cheap IMHO. Thanks it has cute polkadot pattern on front and cute logo, hahaha. Packaging quality is okay, I love the round shape and the light weight compact packaging.

Size is okay too, not too big and not too small. Smaller than Dolly wink eyeshadow though,

Judge from the texture the glitters may be flaky. But honestly after I touch it with my fingers the texture is creamy and the glitters wasn't flaky at all! The soft feeling while rub the cream eyeshadow to my hands was pleasant too. It's not greasy and thick.ヾ(☆▽☆)

With only one swipe! You can see the glitters is blend well with the creamy texture. I try it as a base and the eyeshadow was stay longer and the colors look more obvious on my eyes, yeaaaaayyy~ I'm so happy with this cream eyeshadow. It's so different with Holika-Holika Cream shadow "here".

Apply Dolly Wink eyeshadow and you can see by your self how the color look so bright and pretty~! The glitters makes it look shiny and brighter too.

You can use this cream eyeshadow as a base like me or just use it alone. Like how tsu-chan teach us "How to pure shiny eyes". This only make our eyes look brighter and fresh IMO.

I love love this cream eyeshadow~! Remember my oily eyelids? It's not a problem if I use this cream eyeshadow. I love how soft the texture is. Not thick, light weight and easy to blend. It works great as an eyeshadow base~! The cheap-looking packaging is a minus though, but still look so cute, hahahha it's Dolly Wink anywayy.

You may dislike this cream eyeshadow if you hate bling-bling and shimmery finish. Or if you prefer a matte eyeshadow base, then this product isn't for you.

Rating : 4.75/5

Price: 199.900 at Kay Collection

I know Dolly Wink it's pricey haha, but for me as long as the product is cute and good. I don't mind buy and it's a Japanese brand though, quality is always nice along with interesting Kawaii packaging.
Absolutely Re-purchase for me!ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Have you tried this product? Do you love it too?

If you live in Indonesia, make sure you only buy Dolly Wink from official store Kay collection Indonesia. You won't get fake products and all of them are original~ I saw many online store in facebook sells fake dolly wink and it's freak me out. >0<

You can get All Dolly Wink products at Kay Collection Indonesia. You can find their store at Pacific Place B1 #10A, Gandaria City LG #15, Kuningan City Lt.3 #45. 
Department Store like, SogoDebenhamsSeibuMetroMatahariKeris Galery and some Guardian drug stores.

Kindly visit their facebook "here" and "here". You can purchase All Dolly Wink products from there too, just contact them. 

Thanks for reading ladies~~ I'll be back with other beauty reviews! And make the tutorial as soon as I can, please looking forward~ *hugsssssss*

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