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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Candy Doll Liquid Foundation and Mineral Powder

ALRIGHT o(≧▽≦)o, If you're my loyal reader (*slapped) you should know that I prefer medium coverage foundation than high coverage foundation. I always love natural finish even though the foundation can't covers all my flaws. I don't want my skin look like mask or wearing tons of foundation and powder. I would look so horrible under sun light @_@ and whatever light, lol. 

 So, I decided to buy Candy Doll foundation and powder last month to try. I still have my SANA foundation and loose powder >_<, but I wanted to try Candy doll so badly. Hahaha, so when I got money from my beloved ad I couldn't help it. Kekeke, ordered it without second thought.

Is Candy Doll really worth the money? (Sorry, this will be a long post xD)
First, let's talk about the packaging. 

Foundation ::
First impression of the overall packaging is KAWAII~~~ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ  I love the pink-purple box so much~~ Japanese packaging always so interesting and unique!

The foundation bottle is really thin, it's made from a plastic not glasses like SANA foundation. I think it look cheap (゚ε゚ ), but the pink cap is make it look better. lol. The good part about plastic, you don't need to worry if they fall~! XD

I love how they put the font inside the vertical black stripes. The candy vector is super cute too~~!

Powder ::
Cute! But how they put the purple font over the white-black stripes is disturb me. LOL @_@ . The box is really interesting to open, hahahaha because it's really different from other powder packaging I had before. kekekek

I think the powder container is super small just like the foundation! Hahahaha, I wish it bigger (´Д`)! I love the material of this powder, it's not too plastic and not made from glasses so it doesn't heavy. 

I always accidentally drop things whenever I do my make up, but I don't need to worry about this. But, I still don't like that purple font over that black-white stripes (/゚Д゚)/, lol 

As you can see, it comes with a puff inside with ordinary black satin above it. Thanks the puff is soo soft and fluffy~ hohoho

They sealed the hole so the packaging won't become messy.

I personally think the shade is bit yellow  ( ̄へ ̄). I was a little worried before applied it on my face. I don't want my face look like orang sakit kuning (︶︹︺) .

Let's see the swatch on my hand first.

✩ Liquid texture, not too thick and not too watery.
✩ I got shade 01 and I think it's a bit yellow for my skin.
✩ Easy to spread and blend.

✩ Small particles, really soft and smooth.
✩ Shade 01, same like the foundation. A bit yellow for my skin.

Now on my face, this my bare skin so you can see the before and after clearer. (right click+new tab, if you want to see it from closer).
Acne scars, acne, dark spots, big pores, etc. (I think my cam setting is too bright, lol) (;¬д¬)

I applied it only on my right side face. See the foundation is really bit yellow for me, hahhahah. I really love this foundation texture because it's not HEAVY and easy to blend with my fingers, hehehe.

The After-Before

After use the foundation, it covers my pores and scars really well. Makes my skin look smoother. It neutralize my red skin appearance. It has a soft matte result, so my skin isn't look shiny in the picture.

My before side is look shiny because I haven't put any foundation. Just skin care and SANA pore putty.

Please don't expect it can completely covers my scars because it won't (¬、¬). This foundation has medium coverage and natural finish.

After put foundation on both sides, I forgot to capture picture because I completely forgot. HAHA, I'm to busy dolled up my self that time, kekekek (`ー´). Don't worry, this is the after picture after make up. The picture size is more than 2000 pixels so open it in new tab if you want to see the result.

omg, I look so weird here, please bear with it. ( ゚ Д゚) 
I didn't edit my skin photos in this post. hahahhah check out by your self~ ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

After make up, the foundation and powder is blended onto my skin. It matched my skin tone now after few minutes. Yeay~!
If you're wondering what circle lens and lipstick I use, I was using Princess Mimi Almond Brown and Revlon Lip butter in Sweet Tart (plus a lipgloss from Opera).

I was going to eat with my sister for 3 hours, ahahah yeah we always eat so slowly. I was sweating because korean food always HOT and SPICY, but not all of them ne~ I was afraid because whenever Im sweating, usually a new acne appear. wtf

I wiped my face from sweats and thought probably my make up is already washed-out. Lol

After went home, I was bring Happi for walk around. Poor him, it's been sometimes I didn't bring hime around for walk. He looked so happy~

And yeah, I was sweating again. Then I went to my room and looked at my skin in front of the mirror. Hurry captured it so I won't forget again, hahaha.

Lipstick is complety gone, face look a bit tired. Lol *lame (I think that because of my pale lips).

I think my skin is look fine, my make up wasnt completely gone. But yeah it looked a bit washed out, especially on my chin!
The foundation and powder stay quite well~ I didn't expect it would has a good staying power though. lol 


♔ LIKE ♔
✩ The foundation texture is easy to blend, milky and has a medium coverage
✩ Natural finish
✩ Not cakey
✩ Blended on my skin and match my skin tone after few minutes
✩ Can use it everyday
✩ Not make me breakout
✩ Has good staying power despite of the medium coverage

✩ The shade is too yellow for me
✩ Hard to get in Indonesia

Rating : 4.5/5
I love this foundation~ If it's not because of the yellowish shade, I'll love it eveeen moreee. Hahaha. The texture is gentle and soft, it blends easily and evenly onto my skin. I only use a fingers, so if you a newbie to make up you probably will love this foundation~

Price : US$ 20.40
You can get this product at sasa

This foundation is contains UV protecting agent that are able to protect my skin from day to day UV rays. Is that true?

My look that day, lol

CANDY DOLL Mineral Powder
♔ LIKE ♔
✩ Soft texture
✩ Micro particles so it can covers my pores perfectly
✩ Smooth and natural finish
✩ Comes with a puff

✩ Shade too yellow
✩ Hard to get in Indonesia

Rating : 4.25/5
Smooth and natural finish! Can use this for touch up too~ It makes my skin look fresher after using foundation. I suggest you to slightly pat the powder onto skin so the result is look more natural~!

Price : US$ 21.40 
You can find this product at sasa 

Whoo~ Such a long post, I hope you enjoy this review ladies. Thank you for reading and Have a lovely and nice weekend~!(/^▽^)/ I'm going to cosplay event tomorrow, must be fun! But, I'm not going to cosplay this time, lol.

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