Sunday, July 07, 2013

Koji Line Beat 24h Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner Review

New product again from Koji, Line Beat eyeliner series! This time I'm going to review their Liquid Eyeliner~ I wear liquid eyeliner a lot, that's why I'd love to try it. Liquid eyeliner is really important for my daily make up, without it my make up won't be complete. ヽ(´Д`ヽ

♥ Packaging :
Same concept like the gel pencil eyeliner, the design looks glamorous. There're some informative information on the front box too, mostly in Japanese, hahahahha!

♥ Cute pattern :
The leopard pattern looks so gal, hahaha I love the material too. Looks glossy and high quality, made from solid aluminium metal. Perfect grip  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

♥ 0.1mm :
Thin and small enough to draw a precise line! Easy to draw and the handle is comfortable to held. Can freely draw thin or thick line, hehe~ ( ◠  ‿  ◠)

♥ Color :
Rich Black, a natural deep black color. I love this deep black color, it's bold and not glossy~

The deep black color goes well with my gyaru make up.

♥ Waterproof! :
I already did some experience with this liquid eyeliner, lol. This liquid eyeliner can stay on my eyes without bleeding, it has a quite good staying power on my oily eyes. I wore for more than 8 hours! It wasn't bleeding but a little disappear so I need to touch up.

♥ Easy to remove :
Just like other Japanese liquid eyeliner, dolly wink/sana, it is easy to remove with hot water. It doesn't leave any stain on my eyes~ The ingredients is safe for our eyes, so don't worry.  (´・` )

I've tried this liquid eyeliner for 1 weeks and it was really good. I really like the pencil material, it is solid and not slippery. I can draw the line really fast when touch up everywhere! hahaha!

It won't bleeding to my lower eye if I wear about 6-8 hours without sweating (in AC room), that was great! I'm not sure why the eyeliner can disappear a little so I need a little touch up, maybe because of my oily eyelid? D:

The price is a little bit expensive than Dolly Wink, but worth for try~ Well, I know the price... ><

Overall :

♥ Where To Get?
I got mine at Kay Collection for 244.900 idr, quiet expensive for a liquid eyeliner hahahah. You can find them at their Independent store at some Mall in Jakarta, for example Taman Anggrek Mall or Central Park Mall. 

You can like them on facebook too and follow them on twitter and instagram.
Kay Collection , @kay_collection , kaycollection

If you live outside Indonesia, probably can buy at some online store or store like sasa/watson. Lol, I'm not really sure~! (º____º)

Thanks for reading everyone, I'm going to cook for my family now, haha have a nice dinner!~ (*≧▽≦)ノ


LauraLeia said...

Wow, I love eyeliners that have solid packaging. And the leopard print is pretty! <3 The tip is really fine and it's so pigmented.

dina chen said...

omo, cute packaging juga bagus
btw, matanya lucu banget ce, suka sama mata dan lensanya ><

lie-ying said...

The packaging is so simple but yet very cute! I'm not so into waterproof products since they are so horrible to remove but never tried it with hot water? Might try this soon!

♔cominica♔ said...

me tooo :D :D hahahha thanks !

♔cominica♔ said...

lucu yaaa :D , haha thanksss :*

dina chen said...

banget banget lah ><
sama2 cece
makasih ya ce udah follow aku :*

♔cominica♔ said...

haha iya ^^

♔cominica♔ said...

oh really? Japanese liquid eyeliner usually very easy to remove :D

THT Christina said...

This liner looks really promising as well, very crisp lines :)

KASSIDY said...

I think I want to pick this one up while I'm visiting Japan! It looks so cute and adorable :)

Junjun said...

Oh, this looks so cute! *A* I think I might try this after I'm done with my current liquid eyeliners! Thanks for sharing~

meutia nuraini said...

Nice review, it's looks very easy too apply :)

Tianwen Lee said...

Awesome review, I love the way that you apply your eyeliner <3

Grace Aiko said...

onegaishimasu !! >3< please make a review about your hair thingy!!! I really am curious how you can DIY your hair colour!!

Anya (*´▽`*) said...

It seems to be a good one.. Too bad it's pricey :(

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