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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream Review

Hello ladies, I've 2 favorite bb cream now, the 1st one is Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB which I've reviewed here and this one Triple The Solution bb cream. This bb cream might be a little pricey, but seriously it is really really GOOD. Or I should say, Amazing!ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

This bb cream has UV Protection (SPF 30 pa ++) with Whitening, Wrinkle care, sebum catch, triple skin skin solution, which make your skin look young (´∀`), fresh look and great coverage. I really agree with all part of this, but I don't know about the Whitening and Wrinkle care part, since I'm already fair but I need wrinkle care because I'm turning 25 this year.(>y<)

The packaging is so pretty with a pump bottle 。◕‿◕。, so the bb cream is more hygiene IMO. With one pump, I get this amount of cream which is too much for my face ( ̄个 ̄). Why? Because with a tiny bb cream, it already covers my entire skin perfectly.

As you can see, the texture is like a cream not like other bb cream which always like liquid foundation (゜▽゜;). This bb cream is a real bb cream. Lol! But, you need extra attention when apply it to your skin so it's not become cakey. It doesn't has any scent, kinda like medicine smell? Well, I don't know but it doesn't smell bad to me.(゜▽゜;)

About the ingredients : 
1. Yoghurt powder and hyaluronic acid provide moisture and nutrients to the skin to keep it soft and moist.
2. Contains tangerine and strawberry extracts that brighten skin by lightening the color of blemishes.

This bb cream doesn't contaion any stimulating organic UV block, but protects harmful UV rays at SPF30 and PA++ to prevent the formation blemishes such as live spots or freckles.

This is my bare face, I zoom it so you can see my pores and scars. I didn't use a flash to took this picture, so it doesn't look shiny. ("⌒∇⌒")

Great great coverage! o(≧∇≦o) And Fyi, this picture isn't edited. I've never edit a review which include my bare skin, so you can really see the difference here. 

I use this bb cream to cover my eye circle too, if you want more coverage you can add more bb cream to it and blend, then pat with your fingers.

And this is the left over bb cream, I already conceals scars and everything (even my lips!), but this bb cream still remaining there, so I just wipe it with a cotton. 

What I love about this bb cream : 
ღ Great coverage
ღ Doesn't make me breakout
ღ Doesn't oxidize
ღ Pretty packaging
ღ Easy to get in here (I can get it on Ciputra Mall)
ღ Doesn't make my face look glowy
ღ Stay for hours
ღ Doesn't make my skin feel itchy

What I don't like : 
ɞ A bit pricey (the price is same as Lioele Dollish Vita, 275.000 IDR - about $ 27.5.

Although the price is a bit turn me off at the first time, but because I've tried the sample before on this post , I swore "I must buy this bb cream!". And I'm very satisfied with it.(ΦωΦ)

I really recommend this bb cream if you have an oily face or a trouble skin, because this bb cream has a great solution for skin. My skin type is combination but this bb cream works great on me, it stay so long and doesn't oxidize on my skin when combined with mineral powder. Or, you don't even need a powder because it already looks fine without it. Loveee it so much! "ヽ(´▽`)ノ"

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