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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My Favorite Product on April

I don't really post my favorite products each month, but some lovely ladies are said they want to know what product I love and why I love it. So, I think I'm going to share my favorite product for last month. They're probably products I use the most on April, haha so let's see! 。◕‿◕。

1. Clarins White Plus - Read my review HERE.
I never skip this emulsion on my daily skin care now, as I said before on my review, this emulsion is worth to try. Help to keep my skin look clear, healthy and bright.

2. Beauty Labo Color Care 
I use this hair mist after I wash my hair or before styling my hair. It keeps my hair moist and soft. Using this hair mist can help my hair color look shiny and nice, won't turn brassy. BUT, I don't really like the scent  (︶︹︺)

3. Evian Face Mist
Set up my make up and Refresh my skin in instant! Superr love this spray. (^▽^)

4.  Everyday Minerals BASE - Buff fair neutral
My favorite mineral powder base all the time, doesn't make me breakouts and has a very natural finish.

5. Opera Face Color in Dolly Pink
Super cute color and pigmented. I love this color for my gyaru look, you can see many gyaru use a pink blush like this on their cheek. (∩_∩)  lol. Actually, I want to try Candy doll/Eyemazing/Melliesh but I still saving money for that, I think the quality isn't really different though.

6. Dolly Wink lower lashes - no. 13 Baby Girl - Read my review HERE.
I'm so in love with this lower lashes at the moment, hahahaha. I already use it for more than 5 times now and it still look good :p

7. Candy Doll Lip Gloss - Strawberry Milk - Read my review HERE.
I bring this lip gloss everywhereee now togethere with the Melliesh lip gloss, super glossy and juicy! Just like tsu-chan lips~~ love! love!(-^〇^-)

8. Melliesh Lip Gloss - No.2 Baby Doll - Read my review HERE.
I always bring Melliesh together with Candy doll now, I love to use Melliesh first then topped it with Candy doll, look so juicy~! And this is a really pigmented lip gloss with a subtle shine.  I really want to get another color of Melliesh lip gloss, I reeaallly love it. During my visit at I didn't see Melliesh =3= , but I heard they already stocked Melliesh now, wtfffffff so not fair.

9. Maybelline Lip Smooth Color in strawberry
I love Maybelline lip balm, My baby Lips was ran out so I buy another lip balm to stock. And Indo doesn't has MNY Baby Lips so I try this one and love it. Cheap and moist my lips, it has a color too so if your lips is pale/look dull, this lip smooth would add a slightly fresh tone on your lips.

10. Lancome Teint Miracle Corrector - review coming soon.
100% love the texture and result. My first concealer ever. hahaha I'm going to make a review about this soon, please be patient if you want to know about it. (〃・・〃)

11. Lancome Juicy Tubes - Fraise - Read my review HERE.
I love everything about this lip gloss, it's not sticky and look juicy! Even the smell is so sweet. I always love lip gloss than lipstick so don't wonder why I put 3 lip gloss on my favorite products for April. lol ლ(´ڡ`ლ)

12. Revlon Lip Butter - Read my review HERE and HERE.
Very famous lip butter is on my favorite product too! Haha, just can't get enough of it, I want to add other color to my collection but I guess I need to stop. lol

That's all my favorite products for April, let me know If you're favorite product is same like me. I would be happy to hear it! 

Some of you want to know about my daily life right, I already update my ameblog, so please visit if you have free time ^o^)v.

Thanks for reading ladies, have a nice day!

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