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Friday, March 16, 2012

Lancome L'absolu Rouge and Juicy Tubes Review and Look

Hello Ladies!! Another post for today!, haha, I got a travel gift from Lancome on this event, and yesterday I tried the lipstick and lipgloss. There's 4 items inside, Juicy Tubes, L'absolu rouge (travel size), Virtous Mascara and a Perfume. I've tried the mascara and quite like it, the perfume is smell so nice too~ make me feel more feminine LMAO. However, what I'm going to review today is the L'absolu Rouge and Juicy Tubes. At the first time I saw the color, I was like "wow.. Red!" because I rarely use bright/bold lip color. But I don't have any red lip gloss so I'm pretty excited to try it.

Let's see, I got L'absolu Rouge in 365 (Rose Absolu) and Juicy Tubes in 17 Fraise, both color are so bold. *w*

image from Lancome website,

Wrap your lips in rich, satiny color with this deeply replenishing lipstick. 
Infused with moisture-boosting Pro-Xylane™, lips stay moist, soft and comfortable for up to 8 hours. 
Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and SPF 12 help keep lips safe from environmental aggressors, so they’ll look and feel healthier day after day. 
The stay true color won’t feather, flake or fade, so your pout will always look picture-perfect.

This the Rouge swatch on my hands and on my lips,

✩ Deeply replenishes, softens and moisturizes lips for up to 8 hours
✩ Lips feel comfortable and smooth for hours
✩ Intense color glides on evenly and looks satiny
✩ Help protect delicate lips against environmental damage, UVA and UVB rays
✩ The sleek black case features an innovative magnet closure system and looks undecidedly luxurious

What I think about the Rouge, 
✩ Doesn't make my lips dry
✩ Hydrating
✩ High pigmented color
✩ Blend easily into my lips and smooth finish

Juicy Tubes swatch on a piece of paper, the color is so pretty! Rather than red, it looks a bit magenta to me.
This ultra shiny gloss sweeps on a sheer, sexy wash of color in a variety of shades and flavors. 
You’ll love the ultra-glossy formula that glides on easily with its tube-tip applicator. Perfectly portable, this essential gloss discreetly slips in a pocket or purse for a quick fix of fabulous anytime.

Using the Rouge and Juicy Tubes, wow, my lips look sexy XDDDDD LOL

What I think about the Juicy Tubes,
✩ Not sticky
✩ Has a beautiful shimmer (I love shimmery lip gloss XD )
✩ Moisturizing
✩ Light and not feel greasy

Wanna see the overall look? Haha I remember my Ageha look on this post and try it again yesterday with the Diamond Lash again, but with more tone down look. I see this kind of make up on S-Cawaii special make up Magazine(Gyaru Make) looong time ago. I don't draw eyeliner all over my lower eye this time. (sorry for all wink pictures, LMAO,  kekeke >w<, I just want to look more sexier MWAHAHA *truestory 
This time, I use my real hair ^o^

I always skip bold lip color on my make up, because I feel not suit with it, it makes me look different XD. But this statement lips is fun to wear sometimes, however I don't like people starring at my lips, hahahahaha I feel uneasy~! That's why I always choose nude lip color or soft pink color. heheheh and somehow, bold lip color make me look more mature, kekekeke.
winking again =w=

Do you think Red lips suit me? >0<
Wanna know what false lashes I'm using here? Wait until my next post, LOL XD
For the color lens, I'm using Miss Eye Vaidurya brown, you can check out the review here.
Thanks for reading and comment Ladies~~~will check out yours too, don't forget to leave your link if you don't have a disqus account! Bye~Have a nice day!

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