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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Miss Eye Vaidurya Brown Color Lens review

Hello ladies!!~~ヽ(`◇´)/, aww finally I can make a post again, yesterday I attended an event by Revlon and today I attend a press launch event again by Revlon, I spent my times for captured products and writing (◎_◎;). I'm going to make a review about this color lens first. This contact lens is sponsored by Tomato Shop, a contact lens store which is based in Indonesia. They were so kind to emailed me and let me choose what kind of lens I wanna try. And I decided to choose Miss Eye because this brand is still new in Indonesia and no many people have try it before.

Miss Eye came with a really pretty packaging, really pretty!! (●♡∀♡), the case has a deco on it, lol. But, I wish it comes in a bottle rather than a plastic box like this. (^~^)

Diameter  : 17.8 mm
water content : 48 mm
price : 165.000 idr @Tomato Shop

You can store the case inside the deco case, pretty but not really useful. lol, but nice if you bring it around, it will look so stand out than other normal lens case.(ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

I choose Miss Eye Vaidurya in Brown/Burgundy color, this color lens has 4 tone in it. The pattern is like a sunflower to me. It doesn't has a black circle ring on the outer side, so I suppose this color lens will look more natural on me.。◕‿◕。

So, this is my EOTD when use this color lens(-^〇^-). What do you think? My eyes is really dark so the color look more tone down, but what I love about this lens is, the color look so natural on my eyes, more natural IRL . It doesn't has a huge enlargement effect like other circle lens.

I've tried wear this contact lens for a while, in AC room, while driving and hang out. Seriously, this contact lens is soooo comfortable ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ!!! Just like my Barbie Lens here, the lens is so thin and doesn't hurt my eyes when take it off. Sometimes if I use contact lens for hours and don't use any contact lens eye drop, it feel a little hurt. But, this lens is like Barbie lens, doesn't hurt at all. I feel like wear nothing. (This maybe different with other person, it depends on your eyes).(;¬д¬)(;¬д¬)

My look, with this Miss Eye Glaze (Vaidurya).(^▽^)/\(^▽^)




♥ Color : 9/10
♥ Enlargement : 6/10
♥ Pattern : 8/10
♥ Comfort : 9.5/10

Btw, for ladies who live in Indonesia you can get 10% Discount @Tomato Shop if you use my code : cominica, you can check out their facebook page on here and Miss Eye website on here.

I'm going to post few post soon, thanks for reading and comments ladies, mean so much to me. I'll try reply all of it one by one. (^▽^)

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