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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Diamond Lash Princess Eye x Trying Ageha look -_-

Hello ladies!! Finally, I can try Diamond Lash, saw this lashes on many Japanese Magazine, such as Ageha, Egg, Jelly, Popteen, etc etc. And I'm so curious since this lashes is pretty affordable compare to other brand such as Dolly Wink/Jewerich. And got 5 pairs in 1 box too, well more backup isn't that bad. So, about the quality?

At first glance to this lashes, what I think of is "This is not me". LMAO, too dramatic, BUT must be really nice and wearable if I cut it and use it in pieces. 

Diamond Lash Princess Eye design, perfect if you want to achieve dramatic/sexy Gyaru look, like in Ageha/Egg magazine. Popteen model is rarely use this kind of lower lashes on their magazine, their style is more cute and natural.

This false lashes is crafted well, isn't hard to bend and I love the design with the gap. It makes our eyes look more dolly and dramatic. 

And NOW, Please bear my make up this time. Hahahahahha okay, so I was trying Ageha make up here and If you don't know about Ageha, you can search it on Google. Their eye make up is more more dramatic and usually look sexy with super plumply lips. The style is more Onee-gyaru&Hime-gyaru, sometimes known as Ageha-kei and don't need to be tan-skinned. Oh well, okay about that, I'm not going to do this make up again probably, I look so WEIRD. ヽ(゜Q。)ノ? It took me sometimes to choose the pictures... ;_;

So, this is the Diamond Lash princess eye, I didn't cut it coz I was lazy and I want to see how it look, if I use full band of it, without cutting. SO dra-ma-tic  (/゚Д゚)/ 
At first, I only use 1 upper lashes (Canmake 09) then I add 2 part of false lashes again.

Canmake - Actress eyelashes - KKcenterhk , and it become like this.

I love this lower lashes but I think it look too dramatic for my eyes. I don't know, I feel weird just lookin to my picture like this, hahahahahhahahah. I should try to cut it next time! Aim for more cute look, than dramatic look like this, HOWEVER, it was FUN trying a make up like this sometimes. HAHA. 

So, wanna see the full look? I wanna hear your honest opinion guys, IMO I don't look good with this kind of make up. LMAO
ps: I've edited the pictures with some brushes to make it look more 'Ageha', see Ageha magazine, they always use sparkles here and there and super bright lightning.(⊙...⊙ )

Okay, I admit it, I apply the lipstick more bigger than my actual lip size, bwhahahhaha. I want a SLIM face. (┳Д┳)

I look better here, but kinda look like male who wear make up here, don't you think so?  ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ
Want to achieve that sexy look #FAIL

I was thinking what makes my look weird it's because of the lip color, sooooo I change it to a NUDE one. Let's see, look better? I forgot to put sparkles, well I was so sleepy, lol XD (I guess my cam setting is too RED -_-)
I like my look here, hahahah at least it look.. better  (¬、¬)

(cropped this picture, LMAO something happen, yeah... LOLOLOLOL, sorry ;_;) thanks for Tata who let me know XDDD BAHAHAH #FAIL

I think I look better with nude lips, wearing bright lips with a dramatic eye make up somehow made me look bitchy, wtf -`д´- , Let me know what you think ;__; , Thanks for reading ladiiiiessssssssss (^-^*)/ ,it's almost weekend and I'm so excited for nothing, bhahahahahha ('∀'●)♡

ps: I was using EOS Candy Brown contact lens here and 2 blonde wig here.

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