Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pepper Lunch Addict!!!!! and new hauls :D

Well, yesterday i went to Taman Anggrek Mall with my family. Everytime i went to TA.Mall, i always eat Pepper Lunch there. It was my favorite place to eat there. lol. I love the Hamburger Steak Combo with egg with lot of peppers and garlic sauce, Pepper Steak, oh myy! It's sooo delicious! I'm not lying! U can try by urSelf and i really recommend this place if you really want to have a delicious pepper Lunch! 


That day outfit

this was mine (Hamburger Steak with Egg)

After I had lunch and our stomach are full, we were going to
(MAC corner, well not the cosmetic one ) because my hubby is request me to help him To ask their staff about MAC Tv TunerI don't know if MAC has launch any 

Tv Tuner before but i try to ask them, and they said there's no Tv Tuner....
Well... i don't know where to find Tv Tuner which compatible with MAC so if you know about it please let me know.

Then we met up with our parent at Matahari Department Store. My sister is going to have a prom night party with her friends at Nelayan Hotel and Restaurant and
she is going to wear a purple-blue gown. And I.. dont have any purple or blue eyeshadow to match her gown so i tell her to buy a new one :D

So, we were going to nYx and have a look at their products. I found something suit her!! Its a triple eyeshadow which has three beautiful colour on it. I tried to swatch the round lipstick too, they have many different and bright colour. My sister took "Herades", the best suits her... (coz she has a full lips) and I took "Fire" which
has a really sexy red colour... hahahaha

fr left to right
Herades, Fire and TBS Lipstick from my Mom

When i saw Maybelline, i remember that my mascara is already expired, so i didn't use my VOV eye pender mascara which i loved again! I bought Maybelline Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara and their Mousse Blush [02] (really bright soft peach which look fresh on ur cheek!).

Next to Maybelline there's Haba ,

ohh i really want to buy their Cleansing Oil... 

and i saw my mother sitting there and talk with they SA. I came and sitting besides my moM. I'm asking about the Cleansing Oil price and the SA said that the price is 210.000 idr for 60 ml. And my Mom asked me, what is the advantage of Haba Cleansing Oil?
Well... and told her... and... she told me that she's going to buy it for me! 
Ohh i'm so happy~~ hohoho
My mom was buying a White Lady serum, she has many freckless on her face and
their SA said to try White Lady Serum so my Mom want to try it. (Hope it can works!!)

Well......, I think I need to erase Haba Squa Cleansing Oil from my wishlist now!! 
Oh and my Mom gave me her The Body Shop matte lipstick because she think it was to red for her and suits me.

fr left to right
Maybelline Mousse Blush, NYX Round Lipstick, HABA White Lady, HABA Squa Cleansing,
NYX Round Lipstick, The Body Shop Lipstick.
fr middle to bottom
NYX Eyeshadow and Maybelline Volume Express.

(Make-up Remover)

This is what the web said:
The luxurious soap is enriched with 3% Squalane and moisturizing agents,
Royal Jelly Extract and Glycine Soja (Soybean) Seed Extract.
It is formulated to be gentle for even dehydrated and delicate skin.

Squalane is a natural moisturizer inherent in human body.
The secretion of it decreases with age and excessive washing.
HABA has developed Squalane refined to the maximum of 99.9% purity.

for more information klik here

(Whitening Serum)

This is what the web said about this little serum:
Developed from a doctor's formula,
it contains a highly concentrated essence of 8% Sasa Kurilensis Water and
6% water soluble vitamin C derivative that is both stable and penetrating.
After gentle and careful application to the entire face,
WHITE LADY promptly works on various skin problems such as dark spots,
dullness, dryness, fine lines and clogged pores.
It has become a blockbuster beauty essence at large department stores in Japan.

for more info klik here

Well, thats it..
Maybe next time i'm going to make a review about those haul but I dont know la, hehe. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Haul last sunday :)

Well, actually i didnt want to buy anyting!! But i didn't know why, when i went to Watson (actually i want to buy vitamin) i tempted by others item!!=3=

First is

Vienna Whitening Goat Milk Body Scrub and Leivy naturally "double moisturising shower cream"
actually i bought this because their SA told me, there were on discount~!
And my scrub at home is almost empty.So, i decided to try this out.
and guess what i feel??`Its sooooo soft and smells good!!
My skin feels really soft and nourish..(it's real!), LOL, and i cant stop touch my skin after using this scrub~

Then, Leivy naturally "double moisturising shower cream"
and it contain Goat Milk too, that's why i bought it~
I can't stand if there's "MILK" words *-*
It has a soft fragrant and i feel my skin become soft and supple. >w<

Purified Goat’s Milk & Milk Protein lightens Skin Tone
and provides Double Moisturising function for Very Dry Skin

And second item is.... ZA True White Essence

use for dark spots and acne scars~

I've read review from someone, this is really work to reduce acne scars.
I'm so curious!! so i decided to buy and try it my self =w=

And for people who allergic to product which contain alcohol then i don't recommend this product, coz it contain like benzyl alcohol and others..~

Third haul is AMO Complete Multi Purpose Solution

Formerly, there was an issue about this product.
they said this solution can make ur eyes irritated for long time use.
and I just know it after i bought this product @Hibaru Optik, coz their optician recommend me this product..=m=
and they said this is the best than others..(maybe coz its the most expensive)...=3=
Soo, i try this solution..At the beginning, it was a little stingy..
but my lens is become soft and clean :D
I didn't know if the rumours was true, but i always clean and rub my lens, so i think it won't happen to me.
*hope so*

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Lunch Today!!!

Cooking time~~
Yay, today lunchhhh menu areeee...~

This is my Mom's favorite :)
At indonesia, we called this "sayur ubi".
And this is from sweet potato (my auntie plant it her self)
This is so yummie and fresh.
Good for ur diet :p


And this is shrimp, i don't know how to name this
coz i create it my self, lol.
Just saute this with onion and leek!! :D
And don't forget tomato and chili.
My Dad like this a lot~~
So simple and deliciouss.


Last but not least... dumpling soup!!

My lunch menu :)

This is my lunch portion.
see, if there's someone who want to see
my lunch portion :p

Okayyy and i'm soo full~~
I can't finish all of them :p
I give one dumpling for my sisters, haha


from left
Nature's Plus Source Of Life and Echinacea

Source of Life is an incredible nutritional breakthrough which
emulates nature's wholesome goodness with a powerful blend of nutrients.
With its powerful, revitalizing, energy-giving ingredients,
Source of Life is no ordinary multi-vitamin.
And, with Source of Life, you will experience a "Burst of Energy" and
"The Feeling of Nutritional Well-Being."
Source of Life has a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, lipids,
bioflavonoids, enzymes, plant pigments, amino acids, nucleic acids and herbs.
Whole brown rice, spirulina, bee pollen, young barley leaves,
sunflower oil, carrots and black currant seeds are other ingredients
which offer the most health-giving, life-supporting nutrients.
All these have been ingeniously combined in this formula to create powerful,
synergistic effects that will result in a "Burst of Energy" you'll want to experience every day!

Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea angustifolia and Echinacea pallida)
was traditionally used by Native Americans for a range of ailments,
including infection, snakebite and wounds.

What is it used for?

Colds, strep throat, bacterial sinusitis, flu-like viral infections,
other infections, immune system stimulator, wounds, skins problems.

*The End*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today is a reaaaalllyyy a long day~~~
Because last nigt, i couldn't sleep,
so i wake up at 6 pm =.=
which i need to go to E.F @7.40 o'clock anddd
i start my day with cooking dinner for my family.
What i cooked?
Saute veggies, chili eggplant,
fried chicken and dumpling soup (my favorite) :D

So, i didn't take picture of veggies and
the eggplant coz my bro and sister is already
ruin my creation :o


So how to make my dumpling :)
Leek, shrimp, and pork*
(u can subtitute it with chicken) heheh
Mix aallll, stir it, put salt+leek+sesame oil. Mix it.

Wrapped dumplings.

LOL, i know this part is not important to show :p

Okaay,, so dumpling is done~ It's superrr superr easy~
I really like soup thing~
Add sesame oil, pepper and leek~ sluuurrrpppp

This is my dinner portion :p
The chicken is so tiny!

Well, after cooking.. i'm going to bath.
coz i need to go to EF to have my course there ,
And i can't wait to try Everyday Mineral :p

Last post, i already told that i think i've a wrong formula,
i think i need to get intensive or matte next time.
Coz semi-matte really can't cover my redness >0<
But, it looks really natural and i don't look
like wearing make-up.
First apply, i really like the shade :D
Looks like Olive Fair is really suit me :D
(i haven't try sunkissed fair, maybe next time)
Once again, i really don't think i put any
powders on my face because it was so smooth!

Thennn coz the formula is semi matte,
After minute, my face look weird. Errr, weird?YES.
Yaik, i feel my pore looks bigger and
 im sure it bcoz of the glowy effect~
(At the first it looks so soft and smooth)
I can't imagine if i use the Original Glow, mwahahahaha~
My skin is normal and lil combination on my nose.
And i use Sunlight for my finishing and again it is soo soft
and i don't feel like i'm make up.

Well, i think i'll order the Matte or Intensive formula next time :)
And, after 2 hours i feel my face become a lil darker?
Hmm, maybe just my 2cents.

This is how i look after 2 hours.
Sorry I don't have time to take it before. >.<

Yes, i know my skin really fair -.-
That's way, if there's redness or scar it really
showed on my face. T.T
If i'm using flash, i think my redness will shows :p

By the way, i do try All Smile blush
but i don't think it shows on this picture.
I want natural look, coz i just
going to course, not a party XD

Well, so far my skin don't feel itchy :D
and i like it!
My skin looks health and natural.
Love it.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Everyday Minerals haul n Daily Care :D

Aaaaaa~~~ Today i feel so lonely~~
Whereas today 18-05 is  my one year anniversary day~ :(
and my hubby is going with his friends there~~ I hate Long Distance Relationship~ :p

But, there's something fun tooo! Finally my order from creamy milk is cominggggg~
 :p (thanks sheyll :D)

Let's see what inside that small packages.

I've ordered EM Flat Top Brush, the dark brown one~
And the light one LHK nya Blusche~
For base, I got Olive Fair and Beige Sunkissed Fairin semi matte formula to try.
Then Sunlight finishing dust as finishing :p And All smiles blush~
All in sample because I want to try it first.

So, these are our stars today~~
Everyday Minerals Flat Top brush and Blusche Long Handed Kabuki brush. Errrr, it's looks almost same. And the bristles are soooo soft~ I've already swirl it like crazy but it still really soft~

Closer view! Kabuki is have a really cute shape. hahahaha, Many people says that EM and Blusche has a look alike brush, besides i look at krimi review~ it's SAME!
And blusche is more cheaper :p But, EM brush is really good and nice. I think i'll purchase their skunkless brush and angled brush next time. But, my boyfriend already mad at me :s He said that i bought to much item, oh i dont think so la, hahahha

Okay, so we see inside the samples. CreamyMilk give me those jar for free~
*huggsssS her*

If I see it like this, It seems that sunlight shade more suits me... but sunlight is finishing not a base :p
I didn't expect the shade colour is more darker in real. If i know this before, i'll order Beige Sandy Fair  not Sunkissed Fair.

Or Buff Fair perhaps, but i'm afraid it too pale for me.

Olive Fair is kinda green. 
All Smiles Blush is has a fresh orange colour.
When i swatched it on my hands, 
it turns peachy soft orange.
Olive Fair is the most pale shade in Olive Family.

This is the image from the web

Olive Fair
This shade is more lighter on the web,
more darker on real.

And Sunkissed Fair, it's look alike~
But the real one is lil darker~

Okay, i think i should order this before.
Beige sandy fair, the fairest shade from the Beige family.
I think is suit for pink undertone.

LOL, this is look like the upper image!! :p
This is Buff Fair Neutral,
the web says this is the most porcelain colour. So i think, this suppose to be the pale shade in EM. I want to order this before, but I don't think i have porcelain skin so i didn't order this :s

After done my haul, i remember already purchase three jar, for my EM samples~
But, creamy already give me jars so.... XD
LOL, i remember i had my blush shattered. And i use one jar to place it. I really like this glass jar, but it's kinda hard to open.

and this is my VOV shimmery e/s. It shattered too, so i place it on my unused soflense case. HAAHHA I didn't place it on my jar coz it has a shifter on it. I think its kinda fussed.


Appropriate to my title. After talking bout my EM haul, let's take a look of my daily care? After i got small pox, my face become sucks! There's redness and scars.. T.T

After went to doctor and try others brand skin care. I try this Loreal White Perfect with spf and Loreal White Perfect Night Cream. After one night, i feel my skin more supple and bright~ (it's already bright i think :p). But, it's not really have any different effect on my skin. lol

I've used The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Series too. I got Foaming Facial Wash, Mattfiying Gel, Face Mask and Tea Tree Oil. I don't really like the mattfiting gel coz many pimples
shows after using this. But i really like the Foaming Wash and Face Mask!

And my two favorite body butter. I like the smells!!! And if u have really dry skin u should try their Vitamin E body butter, it really hydrate ur skin.

Deodorant. I rarely use it, i don't know why. I purchase this because i love the smell

Don't misunderstanding why i don't use Deodorant. It not bcoz i like my armpit smell. :p But i don't have a problem with my armpit smell, LOL. Really have not weird smell.
Hahahahahhahahahhahahahahha *sound like a lie? XD

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