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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Today is a reaaaalllyyy a long day~~~
Because last nigt, i couldn't sleep,
so i wake up at 6 pm =.=
which i need to go to E.F @7.40 o'clock anddd
i start my day with cooking dinner for my family.
What i cooked?
Saute veggies, chili eggplant,
fried chicken and dumpling soup (my favorite) :D

So, i didn't take picture of veggies and
the eggplant coz my bro and sister is already
ruin my creation :o


So how to make my dumpling :)
Leek, shrimp, and pork*
(u can subtitute it with chicken) heheh
Mix aallll, stir it, put salt+leek+sesame oil. Mix it.

Wrapped dumplings.

LOL, i know this part is not important to show :p

Okaay,, so dumpling is done~ It's superrr superr easy~
I really like soup thing~
Add sesame oil, pepper and leek~ sluuurrrpppp

This is my dinner portion :p
The chicken is so tiny!

Well, after cooking.. i'm going to bath.
coz i need to go to EF to have my course there ,
And i can't wait to try Everyday Mineral :p

Last post, i already told that i think i've a wrong formula,
i think i need to get intensive or matte next time.
Coz semi-matte really can't cover my redness >0<
But, it looks really natural and i don't look
like wearing make-up.
First apply, i really like the shade :D
Looks like Olive Fair is really suit me :D
(i haven't try sunkissed fair, maybe next time)
Once again, i really don't think i put any
powders on my face because it was so smooth!

Thennn coz the formula is semi matte,
After minute, my face look weird. Errr, weird?YES.
Yaik, i feel my pore looks bigger and
 im sure it bcoz of the glowy effect~
(At the first it looks so soft and smooth)
I can't imagine if i use the Original Glow, mwahahahaha~
My skin is normal and lil combination on my nose.
And i use Sunlight for my finishing and again it is soo soft
and i don't feel like i'm make up.

Well, i think i'll order the Matte or Intensive formula next time :)
And, after 2 hours i feel my face become a lil darker?
Hmm, maybe just my 2cents.

This is how i look after 2 hours.
Sorry I don't have time to take it before. >.<

Yes, i know my skin really fair -.-
That's way, if there's redness or scar it really
showed on my face. T.T
If i'm using flash, i think my redness will shows :p

By the way, i do try All Smile blush
but i don't think it shows on this picture.
I want natural look, coz i just
going to course, not a party XD

Well, so far my skin don't feel itchy :D
and i like it!
My skin looks health and natural.
Love it.


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