Saturday, May 16, 2009

BeaDs Play :)

In 2006, i'd a charity project for 
subject in my university~
We need to colected money so we can 
making a contribution to the orphanage~
My friends were making a felt doll and clay doll by request~
And i was making accesories like bracelets, necklaces and earings.
So, it becomes my hobby too~
I really like make something or D.I.Y things, 
it feels so satisfied if you can create something
cute or unique by ur own hands!! :D
I think many people feel the same way like i was~

So this is a few example of my beads play~

Thanks for viewing~ :)


CreamyMilk said...

gw suka yg ke-4
mauuuu.... >.<

Cominica said...

tqqq, gue dah lama gag bikin ginian nihh, pengen bikin lagi tapi malesnyaa gag nahan T.T

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