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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hatsune Miku Cosplay Wig Review

Hello!! (≧∇≦)/ I'm going to make a quick review about Hatsune Miku cosplay wig. This wig is sponsored by, they have various type of Hatsune Miku wig with different color, please check it out here if you're interested! (mine is PKF3). So, I'm going to share my look while wearing this wig and my opinion about it. >‿<

This wig is came with 3 part, the short wig as a base and two clip on pig tail with curl end. This supposed to be use in Hatsune Miku magnet version. This wig has a soft aqua blue color which is so pretty and bright. The wig is soft too, but you need to comb it and tidy it first before use, yeah that's a wig!
To use it, is super easy~! Put a base short wig first, like this. (///∇//)

After that, just clip the tail on the left and right. That's really easy right? LOL (^▽^)
So, do you want to see my whole Hatsune Miku look?? and sorry I don't have the costume for this magnet version or whatever the props is. Enjoy~! (`∀´)ノ


What do you think? Lol, I hope you like the overall look and my eye make up here. >‿<
I'm pretty busy for preparing Chinese New Year now, gotta tidy my room and everything!! Aww, I always love CNY, lol FOODs, Red Pocket (mwahahahahha) (゚O゚((○=(`▽´*)o  and being together with my relatives. I hope you have a wonderful CNY soon and me too, Happy Chinese New Year~~~!!! I'll not open my blog for few days so I'll reply all your comment later, see you soon! And thanks for reading, loveeee yaaa~~ (`∀´)ノ 

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