Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Hobbies

Do you know knitting and crochet??
Thats my new hobbies right now~
I start my first project using knitting needle 
which i borrowed from my pal~ lol :p
And made first shawl for my huniiyy~~
For first try it was hard coz im using metal needle~
And i think i need to purchase the bamboo one :(
Fool me, i already buy 2 needle but its metal... well, i forgot!!! -.-

Okaayyy,, the first projectt iss...

I used 3 3/4 knitting needle to make this one~
I bought the yarn @hobby craft and 
this yarn is really soft and soo prettieee~ :D
And it's really unique... it has yarns bead over 
the yarn so the texture its really nice~
I decided to buy this good one to make my first shawl for my hubby...
Im so glad that he liked it~


And my second project was a shell shawl,
 actually i didn't want to make this one~
But it's too late coz it's already long!! -.-a
So i decided to finish it and i already use 2 ball
 of yarn but it doesnt too long!!
And i stop it when there's no yarn left.. guhhhhh
I need to buy this yarn when im going to pasar baru againn....!
Coz at that time i just bought 2 ball, 
i already bought many textile there to make first 
clothes/dress but until now i havent do any~ mwahahaha

so this is the not-too-long *shell* shawl~
I used hook no.4 to make this :)
It's so knotty~ --"

Now, my third project and this was soooo longggg~~
I used bulky yarn which suit with hook no. 10 and its so thick!
And when i showed it to my boyfriend , he's really like it... :D
I already decided to make 2 scarves, one for hime and one for me~
but at that time i only finished one scarves~
So this is my thick scarves~

Next time i'll take my picture with my boyfriend using this scarves :D
Now, i already finished those twinniesss~

Andddd my 4th pending project~

This hasnt done yet~
Im using cotton ball, i think im wrong using needle 
but i think this is the best one to make
*lace look*, errrr dont u think so?


CreamyMilk said...

wuowww baru liat..
jadi berasa baca komik2 jepang nih.. :p

btw rapi bangettt dehh.. mauuu...
kayaknya cocok nih jadi ladang bisnis baru.. ^.^

Cominica said...

wakakaakka ia yah? di komik" suka cewe"nya pada ngerajut sih buat cowonya.. hihihi lgian yah klo liat buku"nya duhhh lucu" bangett craftnya :D

haha ia nih keqnya asik juga~
tadinya pengen dijadiin bisnis sih krim tapi kadang agag gag rela jualnya..kwkwkw gag jelas yah gue? :p

Cominica said...

oia klo soal rapi, yg buatan pertama gue awalnya" keq digigit tikus, wakakaka :p

fleurrainy said...

oia klo soal rapi, yg buatan pertama gue awalnya" keq digigit tikus, wakakaka :p

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