Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Everyday Minerals haul n Daily Care :D

Aaaaaa~~~ Today i feel so lonely~~
Whereas today 18-05 is  my one year anniversary day~ :(
and my hubby is going with his friends there~~ I hate Long Distance Relationship~ :p

But, there's something fun tooo! Finally my order from creamy milk is cominggggg~
 :p (thanks sheyll :D)

Let's see what inside that small packages.

I've ordered EM Flat Top Brush, the dark brown one~
And the light one LHK nya Blusche~
For base, I got Olive Fair and Beige Sunkissed Fairin semi matte formula to try.
Then Sunlight finishing dust as finishing :p And All smiles blush~
All in sample because I want to try it first.

So, these are our stars today~~
Everyday Minerals Flat Top brush and Blusche Long Handed Kabuki brush. Errrr, it's looks almost same. And the bristles are soooo soft~ I've already swirl it like crazy but it still really soft~

Closer view! Kabuki is have a really cute shape. hahahaha, Many people says that EM and Blusche has a look alike brush, besides i look at krimi review~ it's SAME!
And blusche is more cheaper :p But, EM brush is really good and nice. I think i'll purchase their skunkless brush and angled brush next time. But, my boyfriend already mad at me :s He said that i bought to much item, oh i dont think so la, hahahha

Okay, so we see inside the samples. CreamyMilk give me those jar for free~
*huggsssS her*

If I see it like this, It seems that sunlight shade more suits me... but sunlight is finishing not a base :p
I didn't expect the shade colour is more darker in real. If i know this before, i'll order Beige Sandy Fair  not Sunkissed Fair.

Or Buff Fair perhaps, but i'm afraid it too pale for me.

Olive Fair is kinda green. 
All Smiles Blush is has a fresh orange colour.
When i swatched it on my hands, 
it turns peachy soft orange.
Olive Fair is the most pale shade in Olive Family.

This is the image from the web

Olive Fair
This shade is more lighter on the web,
more darker on real.

And Sunkissed Fair, it's look alike~
But the real one is lil darker~

Okay, i think i should order this before.
Beige sandy fair, the fairest shade from the Beige family.
I think is suit for pink undertone.

LOL, this is look like the upper image!! :p
This is Buff Fair Neutral,
the web says this is the most porcelain colour. So i think, this suppose to be the pale shade in EM. I want to order this before, but I don't think i have porcelain skin so i didn't order this :s

After done my haul, i remember already purchase three jar, for my EM samples~
But, creamy already give me jars so.... XD
LOL, i remember i had my blush shattered. And i use one jar to place it. I really like this glass jar, but it's kinda hard to open.

and this is my VOV shimmery e/s. It shattered too, so i place it on my unused soflense case. HAAHHA I didn't place it on my jar coz it has a shifter on it. I think its kinda fussed.


Appropriate to my title. After talking bout my EM haul, let's take a look of my daily care? After i got small pox, my face become sucks! There's redness and scars.. T.T

After went to doctor and try others brand skin care. I try this Loreal White Perfect with spf and Loreal White Perfect Night Cream. After one night, i feel my skin more supple and bright~ (it's already bright i think :p). But, it's not really have any different effect on my skin. lol

I've used The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Series too. I got Foaming Facial Wash, Mattfiying Gel, Face Mask and Tea Tree Oil. I don't really like the mattfiting gel coz many pimples
shows after using this. But i really like the Foaming Wash and Face Mask!

And my two favorite body butter. I like the smells!!! And if u have really dry skin u should try their Vitamin E body butter, it really hydrate ur skin.

Deodorant. I rarely use it, i don't know why. I purchase this because i love the smell

Don't misunderstanding why i don't use Deodorant. It not bcoz i like my armpit smell. :p But i don't have a problem with my armpit smell, LOL. Really have not weird smell.
Hahahahahhahahahhahahahahha *sound like a lie? XD


CreamyMilk said...

hixxx.. gw jadi ngerasa malu setelah baca blog luw.. mustinya gw bikin ripiu selengkap ini yah.. hihihi..nanti mau ahh.. :D
btw jelas amat c fotonya.. pake digicam apa hp niyh? *digicam sih yah kyknya?*
merek apaa??

Cominica said...

asiikkk asiikkkk~
ayo" dibikiiinnn, gue suka baca ripiu lo kriimmm :D
, pake olympus krim, ia digicamm, klo hape gue mah kuning" ntar jadinya... ahahahaha :s

Cominica said...

oia, photonya klo dari deket gini yah musti pake guide mode (klo gue sih) trus pilih yg super close up.. nah.. jadinya tar pasti jelas :D

Fifi said...

ini fleur yg di gurl.me kan? thank you dah mampir2 blog gw yah say =]

btw gw pengen bgt nyoba facial wash-nya tea tree oil tapi kok banyak yg bilang malah jerawatan yah?? jadi bingung nih.

kemaren gw sempet pake yg Vitamin E dan hasilnya bagus2 aja. jadi bingung mau tea tree atau vitamin E. Kalo dari harga kayaknya lebih murah tea tree yak?? hehehe

Cominica said...

ia nih fleur :)
hihi ia aq suka liat matamu sis~

wah gag tau murah yg mana sis.. aq sih sempet jrawatan gitu trus pake yg tea tree awal" emg jerawatan.. tpi lama" malah cocok loh..
gag tau dismua org sama gag tuh yah, tpi yg ku pake yg foaming washnya..itu seger banget soalnya~
klo vit E gag pna pake, soalnya kulitqu gag kering... :)

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