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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Random Haul last sunday :)

Well, actually i didnt want to buy anyting!! But i didn't know why, when i went to Watson (actually i want to buy vitamin) i tempted by others item!!=3=

First is

Vienna Whitening Goat Milk Body Scrub and Leivy naturally "double moisturising shower cream"
actually i bought this because their SA told me, there were on discount~!
And my scrub at home is almost empty.So, i decided to try this out.
and guess what i feel??`Its sooooo soft and smells good!!
My skin feels really soft and nourish..(it's real!), LOL, and i cant stop touch my skin after using this scrub~

Then, Leivy naturally "double moisturising shower cream"
and it contain Goat Milk too, that's why i bought it~
I can't stand if there's "MILK" words *-*
It has a soft fragrant and i feel my skin become soft and supple. >w<

Purified Goat’s Milk & Milk Protein lightens Skin Tone
and provides Double Moisturising function for Very Dry Skin

And second item is.... ZA True White Essence

use for dark spots and acne scars~

I've read review from someone, this is really work to reduce acne scars.
I'm so curious!! so i decided to buy and try it my self =w=

And for people who allergic to product which contain alcohol then i don't recommend this product, coz it contain like benzyl alcohol and others..~

Third haul is AMO Complete Multi Purpose Solution

Formerly, there was an issue about this product.
they said this solution can make ur eyes irritated for long time use.
and I just know it after i bought this product @Hibaru Optik, coz their optician recommend me this product..=m=
and they said this is the best than others..(maybe coz its the most expensive)...=3=
Soo, i try this solution..At the beginning, it was a little stingy..
but my lens is become soft and clean :D
I didn't know if the rumours was true, but i always clean and rub my lens, so i think it won't happen to me.
*hope so*

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