Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Lunch Today!!!

Cooking time~~
Yay, today lunchhhh menu areeee...~

This is my Mom's favorite :)
At indonesia, we called this "sayur ubi".
And this is from sweet potato (my auntie plant it her self)
This is so yummie and fresh.
Good for ur diet :p


And this is shrimp, i don't know how to name this
coz i create it my self, lol.
Just saute this with onion and leek!! :D
And don't forget tomato and chili.
My Dad like this a lot~~
So simple and deliciouss.


Last but not least... dumpling soup!!

My lunch menu :)

This is my lunch portion.
see, if there's someone who want to see
my lunch portion :p

Okayyy and i'm soo full~~
I can't finish all of them :p
I give one dumpling for my sisters, haha


from left
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