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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lovely Photo Shoot by Giethaphotography

Hello ladies, do you remember the photo shoot I've said on this post? Yeah, I've just received the pictures finally and going to share some of them here. Warning : picture heavy! *Enjoy~^^

My Face look so round here x__X

She's going to use the pictures for her magazine assignment (the concept is sweet, cute like japanese magazine style). What do you think of the pictures? ^^. I really like it!  You can visit her blog here and see the rest of my pictures on my page here. Thanks for reading ladies~ :*

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday FOTD and selcas (gyaru inspired)

Hello ladies (≧∇≦)/, so this friday morning I was become my friends model for her assignment. She was going to make a fashion magazine which need few photos spread. I asked her about the style and make up I need to wear, and she said to be my self and she prefer a knit/lace top and something cute and sweet (I have wear this outfit twice XD). So, I came out with this look for the photo shoot >‿< since I love japanese style and gyaru make up. (captured on different lightning, my hair color looks bit different because i edited the tone). This is my selcas, I haven't received all the photo shoot photos but already saw half of it this afternoon, I'll share it once I get it.  (^▽^)

All pictures took with flash

do you see happi on the pictures?? *w*

If you're wondering what is the stick on the left, that is a mic which I use for singing. lol 

♔ What I use ♔
✩ FACE :: LIOLE | ZA Skin beauty
✩ EYE :: Majo Majo | MNY Hypersharp | Majolica lash expander

✩ CIRCLE LENS : Geo Princess mimi

Do you love this look? I hope you like it ^-^. I really love the lower lashes, it makes my eyes look dolly *w*. This is my favorite lashes from Dolly wink! Ah, please vote on the left top of my blog if you would like to see a new tutorial, I was fighting with my self whether I will make a gyaru make up or k-pop make up. @-@, Please help voting if you don't mind ^-^, thank you so much ≧△≦ . Just don't expect to much from me, because I'm not really good with make up. LOL (≧ε≦*)\

Have a great weekend everyone, :* Thanks for reading !(⌒▽⌒)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Synthetic WIG review - sponsored by kkcenterhk

Hello ladies! (≧∇≦)/ KKcenterhk was kindly sent me 2 item, the first is this synthetic wig and a curling hot stick. You know, what I love about Kkcenterhk is they ship so fast!! Can you imagine Hong Kong to Indonesia for just 3 days? Wow! I was shocked yesterday when received their package. How can that be so fast?≧△≦ Lol, Whatever~ At least, I was so happy to received this package!

So, I'm going to review the wig first and hopefully I can make a hair tutorial use the hot curler they've sent to me *crossedfingers* ≧△≦. This wig named Gill Perect Shoulder Length Full Bangs BOB Wigs, I choosed this wig because the cut is really unique and I don't own a wig like this before. 

The color is like a copper brown but it change in different lightning, sometimes look a bit orange/yellow. They have other 5 colors to choose. ◕ ‿◕
And what made me impress is this wig is really soft and easy to maintain(゜◇゜). However, it still look obvious in real life. I don't mind people know that I'm using a wig. Lol (`∀´)ノ

So~~ What do you think?? I really loooveee it! I think this wig looks so classy and sweet.(///∇//) *not me LOL
♥ My eye make up, I wear a small eyelid tape to make my lid look more deeper like Tsubasa Masuwaka >‿<. Actually, I want to try Mizuki style of make up, but it was wrong from the beginning -.- Because mizukitty doesn't really has deep eyelid like Tsu-chan. I think I didn't do it well. sobb

Product I use : 
✩ Maybelline clear smooth bb cream | ZA two way foundation
✩ Canmake cream blush 07
✩ LJ 12 colors eyeshadow | SANA super quick liquid eyeliner | False lashes
✩ NYX Soft matte lipstick | Maybelline color sensational | Opera moist lipgloss

my eye make up. I use Geo princess mimi gray contact lens.

simple huh? lol. This is my first time reviewing a wig, though I've few wigs I never review one of them. I thought no one interested XD, but few friends asked me to review the fashion wig I own. Hmm, I'll try review it next time, but I've use them on my look here so I think it'll be boring. lol

So~~, anyone love to use wig? Actually, I only wear them to a cosplay event, sometimes I wear it hang out too if I haven't wash my hair. Or when I have a bad hair day, wig is really convenient to use. Make sure you have 1/2 wig for your bad hair day because it's so easy to use and QUICK. One thing I don't like when use a wig, it's make my head feels so hot outside(●`3´●). But, If I'm in AC room all the day then it doesn't matter.

If you're interested to get this wig, you can go directly to kkcenterhk and take a look on their wig collections and of course FALSIES. Lol. And don't forget to enter this unique code to get 10% discount :: BLGB385CH10 this code is valid until 28 Feb 2012.

Thanks for reading ladies~ If you have some question just ask me here or on my facebook or twitter. See ya~! :*

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A day out with chibi girls

Hello ladies~~ (≧∇≦)/ Sorry I didn't talk much on my previous post. Lol, because, I just post the drafts on my dashboard, that's why I didn't say anything. So, on this post I'll blabbing about my yesterday hang out with my fellow cosplayer friends and my sister. We went to Central Park mall for lunch at Sushi Tei and window shopping. Me and my sister were late, lol something happen at home (≧ε≦*). I was driving really fast and took the wrong way to the basement parking. It was so stupid, really, I was go in to the exit way on the basement and many cars were going to come out!! Aww, luckily the security guard came and hold the car first so I could turn back and go outside (*゚ー゚). Silly.

I met with them at Sushi Tei and we had a lunch together, I've ordered to many like always ≧△≦ and ended very full. ( ̄ー ̄)", We walked around to see Dolly Wink items and I found Dolly wink mascaras, wow I didn't know the mascara is available here! I wish the other false lashes design and Eyeshadow palette will be here soon. *crossedfinger  (///∇//) And of course, you may not skip photo shot! Bwahahahahah, we took some pictures together and IIIIIIIIII FEEL FAT. Oh really  (ノTДT) , those two are so tiny and chibi lol, me and my sister look tall, and yeah I look FAT ( ゚з゚)

with miharu, you can check her blog here. You can see her cosplay photo there.

with my cosplayer friend Nako-chan ^-^

miharu, my sister and me

twin chibi~~

I look like their mom -__- lol

A photo close up of me, cam-whoring on my room as always (゚O゚((○=(`▽´*)o, I really hate my skin this week, I have a big pimples on my chin area and it's really big and hurt!! Eurrghhhhh! I use new false lashes I've got lately and I really love itttt. I've seen Kumicky often use false lashes like this on Pop teen. It's not obvious in camera. >‿<""

annoying V-sign

And about Happi, lol he always stand on the corner of his kennel when I mad at him. Hahahahha like this, omg so cyuuutee.

bad dog! bad dog! ≧△≦

And lately, my neighbor's dog (a mini pinser) always coming to visit Happi almooossst everyday! Lol, I think he likes happi XD, Happi is too cuuuteee to hate (ノTДT), He even come inside my house --".

This weekend I'm going to meet my college friends again, yay! I hope you have a great day everyone~! Love yaaaa~~ (`∀´)ノ

Monday, November 07, 2011

FOTD - a sweet day?

Hello ladies!!~(≧∇≦)/  Yesterday I was going to a mall with my bf, we have a lunch at Yoshinoya, a Japanese beef bowl restaurant. The beef is so nice and yummy!~ When we were on the car, my bf suddenly told me to open the car dashboard (I don't know how to say it-poor vocabs (ノTДT)) and there was a gift for me! And it was a pretty purple box, I was so suprised, he always love to give me something although there's nothing happened like special days or occasion. And inside the box there's a pair of earring which I spotted while walking on a mall last week. Wow! I didn't know he'll buy it for me o( ̄∇ ̄o)  Thanks dear! (///∇//)
The earring design is simple cross but so pretty and bling-bling in real life. Lol, I love bling bling things. ♡♡ sorry I forgot to put the pictures, I captured it with a different camera T_T

And this is my FOTD yesterday, (the make up is look more obvious in real life though)

 before put my knitted top

 cam-whoring while inside my bf car,lol

Product I'm using :
✩ SANA Maiko Han Base, Foundation, Powder - my fave combination atm
Canmake cream cheek 08 | EGM Mineral star glow powder (this gives a glowy effect)
✩ La tulipe eyeshadow base | Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes | Maybelline Hypersharp liner | Majolica Majorca Lash Expander
Dolly wink false lashes no.1 & no.5 (on the edge)
Maybelline watershine B24
Opera moist lipgloss

Do you love this look?? (⌒▽⌒)I really love it, especially Dolly wink false lashes, I've use it for 5 times now and still use it because it still lookin good. It looks so natural and I really love the edge effect on it. I cut the lower lashes and use it only on the edge. Last night, I accidentally broke the lower lashes, aaahh I really hate my self!! T__T
I'm thinking to get Eyemazing no.301 which produced by Mizzukitty, I really love the edge design. I love this kind of false lashes, it looks so natural when use and makes your eyes look longer. 

I don't know what you see on the pictures but in real life it looks pretty obvious. Lol, my bf is already bear with it, bear with it hun because I'm going to buy more~~ of it! Haha!

Do you always use false lashes when make up?  sometimes I don't use it though, but looking at them makes me can't help it~! (●`3´●), It seems like they lure me to use them,hahahhaha lol thanks for reading and Have a nice days ladies~! ◕ ‿◕

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dolly Wink false lashes review and the Pop Teen model wanna be Look!

just got it yesterday! 8D

I was so excited when I bought and tried this false lashes yesterday *dancing
I've been hestitating to use Dolly wink no.1 Dolly Sweet because I want to use it together with the Real nude no.5 =x= . I know how stubborn I am.piff
But, the result~ I really love it.
The false lashes is really really has a good quality. The band is clear and easy to bend. The lashes is so soft and like your real lashes. When use it I don't feel heavy or like wearing a false lashes. Omg, I rave it too much! >‿<
One thing isn't like I expected. The Dolly Sweet is look too natural, I was think that this will make my eyes look dolly while everyone said this lashes is pretty long. (;A;\) I was trying to make gyaru look though.. but seems not good enough. lol

(print screen from my video)

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Handmade
✩ Natural look, can use for everyday
✩ The band is thin and clear, and doesn't itch my eyes
✩ The lashes is so soft and not look fake
✩ Can use it for many times
✩ High Quality
✩ Feel like I don't wear any false lashes!
✩ Because it's dolly wink <--wtf?(`▽´*)

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Pricey!! Why? 2 pair of it for S$27.9? I even wonder why I bought it at the first place! (ノTДT)
I should buy this in Indonesia, in Sg it's more expensive =3=.

♔ Will I ever puchase this again? It's pricey (ノTДT) But I'll buy it again~ (Hate my self!)

(sorry for blurry pic T3T)

♔ LOVE ♔
✩ Most natural lower lashes I've ever use.
✩ The band is thin, clear and yeah doesn't itch.
✩ So soft, it's like my real lashes when use
✩ Can use it for many times
✩ High quality
✩ The size is fit my eyes perfectly, I dont need to cut it again
✩ I don't need to said this again *slapped

♔ HATE ♔
✩ Quite expensive, but since I got it on 20% discount I'm quite

♔ Will I ever puchase this again? Yeahh, this is a must have lower lashes for me!

Okay, after reviewing the False lashes, now I'm going to show you the look! I use my blonde wig that I bought long long long time ago for cosplay. HAHAHA
I've never use this wig before, so here it is! A Pop teen model wanna be. lol *lame
 (ノTДT). Dolly sweet isn't look obvious in photos, except closer look -.-"\

Lotsa cam-whoring pictures to come! (sorry I use my mobile phone) Skip if you don't want to see.puahahahha *slapped

try to smile like mizzukittie *FAIL

I think it's better if I didn't wear a wig maybe? hahahah gyaru doesn't need blonde hair actually, I think this wig made me look like

So, what do you think? Please don't be mean ne~~. LOL (●`3´●) 
I think I need to make my eyeliner more higher, but it's okay. My first time tried it though, haha still need practise! I saw Popteen's gyaru make up is lighter than Egg's gyaru though. =w=

this is the false lashes after I cleaned it, it still look like new!
Thanks for reading and I lovee Dolly wink false lashes so much! You'll not regret it if you buy it ( ≧∇≦)/ LOL. Have a nice day everyone! 

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