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Monday, July 11, 2011

MNY Lippies Swatches + Review

Maybelline, probably my fave cosmetics since I was in college.
It's affordable and the quality isn't bad too!
And many girls like it too, since it's not pricey and you
can get it almost anywhere!

Let's see the swatches on my hand first.

The color is so pretty and natural look.

On my lips (sorry for my bad application) :(

MNY Watershine Lipstick

I like the watershine, coz it doesn't make my lips dry.
And I like the lil glossy effect on my lips, the texture is
so smooth too, make my lips look juicy.



Color : 5/5
Pigmentation : 3.5/5
Packaging : 4/5

Purchase it again? YES. I wanna try the other color. ^^

*** *** ***

MNY Moisture Extreme Lipstick

The moisture extreme texture is nice, but if you use it
for a longer time, it gets dry and make lips look ugly. O_o
I kinda like the color though, and use it twice.
But I love watershine than this.


Color : 4.5/5
Pigmentation : 3.75/5
Packaging : 3/5

Purchase again? I don't think so.

*** *** ***

MNY Color Sensational Lipstick

(looks dumb, my sis said my lips look like dakochan.ROFL)

Color Sensational probably has same texture like Moisture Extreme,
but doesn't make my lip as dry as Moisture Extreme.
The color is quite pigmented IMHO. I need to clear my lip twice
and erase it again with baby oil.

Color : 5/5
Pigmentation : 4.25/5
Packaging : 3/5

Purchase again? I don't think so.

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