Friday, April 20, 2018


March has been pretty hectic for me, I got a month almost full of schedules and jobs. Beside of that, my fiance was coming back to Indonesia to visit me from UK plus to attend his sister's wedding.

The day before the wedding I had a talk show with Shinzui ume in the morning, left me soulless because I felt so tired. I even forgot to bring my eyeshadow palette, left it at home so I had to buy a new one. I bought Urban Decay Naked palette cos I just love all the colors. Should I say it was a really nice accident? Lol

Btw I got a little problem with Sephora's staff in Pik Ave but I'm not going to talk about that today. If you buy anything there, make sure to pay attention for any promotion they have.

I was really tired and need some sleep after doing my talk show with Shinzui. It was a bit hard for me to stay sane but I had to do my best with my job. Blame my insomnia! It still haunts me until now.

I need to accompany my fiance to the Holy Matrimony in the morning, it didn't sound friendly for me because I'm nervous about my insomnia. (always)

Luckily, I stayed two nights at Best Western Plus Kemayoran. The church is near from the hotel so I felt a bit relieved. After the Holy Matrimony, I came back to my room and have some sleep before the wedding reception.

I have a hard time resting in the night, staying at this hotel really helps me recharge after any activity.

Everything just perfect in the room, I got one big room with nice foods, a big and clean king size bed and a spacious vanity to do my make up! In the morning, I always ask for a room service because I want to have my breakfast in the room.

It made everything easier for managing my time on the day.

If you're planning to visit Jakarta, don't forget to check Best Western Plus Kemayoran. They have many meeting rooms, if you're a business owner you probably want to launch an event to media or blogger, they cover it all.

They also have many private rooms, if you're planning to hold a private birthday/engagement/bridal shower party, you can check the hotel directly. And of course they have a cute wedding venue for indoor & outdoor!

Btw kindly watch my vlog below for a better visualisation of my day, the room and the hotel! :)

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