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Thursday, April 12, 2018


I arrived in Surabaya last week with my family for Mount Bromo. We went there by car from Surabaya for 4 hours, quite a looongg way. Mount Bromo is a part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park that covers a massive area of 800 square km, it won't disappoint us!

We didn't had the chance to visit Mount Pananjakan because Mount Bromo was closed for Hari Raya Nyepi, we even changed our Hotel last minute because the Hotel suddenly canceled our booking one way. That wasn't a good service to do!

We arrived at 3 pm and we were strolling around for 3 hours with a little bit rain. Though the situation and time weren't comfortable for us but we managed to enjoy our time to the fullest!

I was amazed by the natural setting of this place, I could see everything from far away when I was inside the car. We were so excited! My dad has visited this place few times, I think this was his 4th time.

We took a horse to explore this place because we wanted to experience it like what the local suggested, so why not. I was wet because it was raining a little bit and my hair looked sooo messy.. 

I didn't take many pictures with my camera but I did shoot some videos and joined them to one clip so you can see how it looked like when I was there. It was cloudy and a bit mellow, but I love the vibes there!

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