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Japanese product is known to have a good quality among elders. I remember my parents and their friends always compliments most of the products written 'made in Japan'. Not because they biased but they have use the product for many years and it still working fine.

I come to realize that as well, when it comes to false lashes, I can't mention any other Brand beside Japanese brand.

they just 30% of my collections..

I've tried countless false lashes brands in the past, only Japanese false lashes made me hooked. I always keep repurchasing again and again, trying many different brands and finally I bravely make this post to share my favorite brands. Why I love them and why I repurchase!


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I remember the first time I tried Eyemazing is when I was into Gyaru style few years ago. I was drawn into the brand because my favorite Popteen model Mizuki(tty) released her own false lashes line. They are cute but the quality is just so-so, I tried the regular line by Komori Jun and the quality is just same. They are not bad though but some of them are too stiff for my taste.

Until I found my favorite Zipper model 'Amo' also released her false lashes line and they are all soo cute! I hesitated a bit to get one but I purchased some of them and noticed that the quality is improved in this Amoyamo line (esp Amo's line cos they are fluffier).

They comes in transparent band and the curve is just right.

Unfortunately they've stopped producing Amoyamo's line, I think because their contract is finished. They've released a new line with Popteen model 'Michibo', I saw some of them in Matsukiyo and Donki few weeks ago but I don't really like the design so I didn't get any.

Price: ¥ 1,200 before tax


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When I saw Diamond Lash, I always think of 1 pack of affordable false lashes with many style to try! The reason why I put this on top 5 because they have so many great selections to enhance our look from daily to dramatic make up. I have tried most of their line except the new Pink Diamond series and the Rich Brown series.

Their lashes quality is okay (better than Eyemazing IMO), my favorite is from Dramatic Memory Series and Nudy Sweet Series. However I don't really like using this false lashes for the whole day, the band is a bit stiff and my eyes is really sensitive. If I use the false lashes for the whole day, I can feel the edge is poking my eye and it's itchy.

Despite of the downside I still repurchase them sometimes because of the design and it's affordable. I get 5 pairs in 1 pack for 1000 yen lol.


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If you have following me since my gyaru years (lol), you should know that I have a weird obsession with Dolly Wink. I mean I have all their products and keep repurchasing their products when its finished. But I should swear that all their false lashes have a really good quality!

They claimed that their false lashes is handmade and made by human hair so it doesn't harm our eyes. More over, all the false lashes is specially designed by Tsubasa Masuwaka (ok I was into gyaru because of her xD) so they are really unique and special.

Dolly Wink also have their signature design of lower lashes, if you noticed, after they released their lower lashes line, you can find many China false lashes following the design. But still you can't beat the quality!

The price is higher than Eyemazing and Diamond lash, they sold it for ¥ 1,296 per pack and you only get 2 pairs of them. But if you can take care of them, you can use the false lashes for more than 10 times. :p

2. DUP

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The first time I tried DUP is because I changed my make up style. When I wasn't into gyaru anymore I'm looking for a more natural false lashes with best quality for daily. False lashes has become my most important make up accessories beside contact lens so I can't leave it.

I purchased the AIR series by Aiku Maikawa and I'm hooked. I was into partial and semi-full false lashes design that time because I think I need a rest from heavy gyaru make up. DUP false lashes is ultra soft and fluffly, they don't hurt a bit on my eyes.

When I browsed into all their collection, I noticed this brand is for professional use. They have so so many design selections! From daily to party, you can find them all. I have tried their Deux line as well and it's really good.

The price is same like Dolly Wink, they sell it for ¥ 1,296 per pack and you'll get 2 pairs of them. I know, if you count it each pair cost more than ¥ 500 which is a bit expensive. But if you're looking for a quality, try DUP!


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I took an interest for this brand after I check and noticed they got the 1st ranking for their false lashes. I never heard of this brand before (seriously) and I rarely see them in store, now I know that because they always sold out! During my trip to Japan this month I tried 1 pack of the Pure series because my eyes was hurt by other false lashes brand (because of the stiff band).

I had to wear this false lashes for the whole day and I read good reviews about this brand on Cosme. Do you know? I swear Miche Bloomin is the most soft and natural false lashes I've ever tried! I know DUP is really good too but this is beyond that.

That day my fiance asked me 'I think your false lashes looks really nice today, what kind of brand is it?'. I was shocked that he noticed! He noticed I change my false lashes lol.

I told him it's the new brand I got in Matsukiyo yesterday, I wear it because my previous false lashes hurt me at the end of the day (fyi it's from diamond lash). I told him how nice it is, how soft it is and how I love it from the first time I wear it. He nicely asked me to get another packs of Miche Bloomin cos he didn't want me to hurt my eyes anymore lol. And he loves it on my eyes!

I end up bought 4 packs of Miche Bloomin false lashes with different design. You know that purple is my favorite color right? I definitely can't resist the cuteness of the packaging.. :(

I got 4 pairs in 1 pack and the price is ¥ 1000, I think the price is more reasonable than other brand. It has an amazing quality and great selections of natural false lashes. Definitely will get more in the future!

Let me know if you want a depth review of Miche Bloomin's false lashes or another brand above! See ya!

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