Monday, September 18, 2017

Ugly (Writings)

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I saw those teary eyes,
so bright yet so sad,
young and fragile; lack of self love.

She wasn't favorite in her school,
no one notice her presence.
She feels faceless; unwanted.
She shut her self down,
making scars on her body,
and she feels good.

The same scene every morning,
the sky is cloudy,
disregarded by everyone,
no morning kisses; no smile,
all by her self.

Makes her wonder, why is she even there?

- - -

“I refuse to hear..
I refuse to see..
I can’t learn,
I don’t want to change.”

Her heart is covered by clouds,
Everyone hates her,
She lives in misery,
it’s painful,
heart completely faithless now.

She’s her own definition of rejection.

She hates her self,
because she thinks she’s ugly.

She tries to break the mirror,
a hundred times..
and she hates her reflection,
the face that everyone hates,
that ugly girl.

Oh dear,
it’s all in your head.

Your parents don’t hate you,
your friends neither.
They secretly wish you could notice,
It’s you, you hate your self.

Oh Dear..

Don’t hate.
Love your self.

You only believe with what you see,
flesh painted by insecurities.

This temporary body will rotten,
leave something precious inside,
it’s formless; helpless,
fill it with love faithfully,
day by day,
let it feed your soul,
before it perishes.

"For the Lord shall be thy confidence and shall keep thy foot from being taken."
Proverbs 3:26

ps: I hope when you read this, you understand how much your worth is in His eyes.

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