Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Glicopia East and Deco Pocky!

On the 3rd day, we visited Glicopia East in Saitama Prefecture. It is a Pocky and Pretz factory tour for that day! In this place you can watch closely the production processes of Pocky and Pretz.

When we arrived on the lower floor, the staff guided us to a room to see "The Story of Mr. Ri-ichi Ezaki, the Founder of Glico" film. It was inspiring!

After that they brought us to another floor where you can see Pocky and Pretz factory. The time when I arrived in front of the factory door, I can smell Pocky's dough! Yum!

I'm quite amazed by the cleanliness of the factory. All the machine also looks taken care professionally. The process of the making and packaging are so fast and practical. I know they're using good ingredients only by the smell. :)

Pretz in salad flavour, I think you can only find this in Glicopia East? lol. It tastes sooo good, I can't stop eating this really.. 

After the factory tour, one of the staff explained about Glico Group (again) lol and some informations about the company. This museum visited by more than 80,000 people annually

Holidays and weekends are the busiest days of the museum. They suggest (for) people who want to visit the museum to make a reservation a month in advance because sometimes the museum already full in schedule.

There is also a display of nearly 1,500 of the toys that have been packaged with Glico Caramel. I swear they all soo cute and so small, hahaha.

All visitors from all around the world are invited to Glicopia East. This place has opened in 2012, you can come here to try all the facilities and sight-seeing for a memorable experience. To visit this museum, you only need to register and it's free!

Now, we're ready for Deco Pocky! Do you know what is Deco Pocky? Deco Pocky is popular in Japan, you can decorate Pocky with any kind of design you wanted. In here, we can choose some edible decorations to decorate our Giant Pocky!

I'm ready for Deco Pocky! Lol, honestly I didn't know what to dooo hahha I was so blank at that moment and only wait for the lunch (LOL). Well, it's worth a try though! Everyone was so excited to decorate the giant Pocky

Me posing with my Deco Pocky! I wrote something in Katakana, can you guess?

Before we leave Glicopia East, we found a Glico Wagon!! Everyone from Pocky said we were so lucky that day because this car usually go around and rarely go back to Glicopia. They always do the promotion with Glico Wagon to distribute snacks to children, so this car is super busy! haha

The car is super cute and eye-catching! Why everything in Japan need to be so kawaii la? haha. Everyone was so excited to take photo! Here's one group photo with all the beautiful ladies! ;D

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