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Saturday, November 28, 2015

The History Of GLICO

On the second day in Osaka, I had my breakfast at Monterey Grasmere Hotel. I super love the salad, the cherry tomato and sesame dressing are supeerrr nice! I eat like 3 bowls of salad that morning. haha. 

After the breakfast, we went to Ezaki Glico Headquarters in Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka. The company manufactures the traditional Glico caramel candy, as well as Pocky (also known as Mikado in Europe), Pretz and many others.

We were welcomed by this big Giant Pocky vending machine. Aw I wish we have this in Jakarta! 

We went up to the second floor to see the museum of Glico, yeay, I love Museum! It was exciting to learn about the past, how this company started and how it grew. How Glico is so popular in Japan.

Ezaki Glico was founded by Riichi Ezaki in 1922. He created a Caramel Candy. Ezaki-san found 'glycogen' in Oyster and how it has many benefits for our body. He decided to use 'glycogen' in his first caramel candy. Glico name brand is actually derived from "Glycogen" and shortened to "Glico" so it is easier to remember.

The design history of the Glico sign. The Glico running man trademark SIGN is also derived from the original caramel candy packaging~! The sign is actually implied a kid who win a marathon and make that 'winning' pose. 

Inside the Caramel Candy box, we can get a toy. The toy is random and you can collect them all. Every time you buy a Caraemel candy, you get 1 toy! I  heard that the first toy from this Caramel Candy was handmade. Wtf?

The Glico Caramel Candy in heart shape! Cute! 

1963 Glico Butter Pretz! The first stick-type snack food, Butter Pretz, is introduced! I love the vintage packaging. Isn't it so special? :)

The heart mold for the Caramel Candy from 1931 - 1942. If you wonder why it's in heart shape, at first Ezaki-san made the candy in square shape. But he realized that the square shape is very unpleasant in our mouth and not cute. He wanted something unique and so that he comes with the heart shape idea.

The above picture is the heart mold of the Glico caramel candy! It's the first mold created by Ezaki-san so the heart shape isn't even from one to another. It's so original, how can one be so clever? lol

Me posing near the old model of Glico's vending machine! It's lovely to see the how the vending machine changes. Ezaki-san is really smart!

Fancy toys, I bet many collectors want to collect them and put them in their showcase at home, lol. 

this one is so pretty! a dragon fly!

My Glico Heart Caramel Candy! I got this from Glico staff, hehe so happy! The candy is good, not too sweet and chewy! It's great to know that it contains Glycogen from Oyster.

black poodle! :0

"the product that we sell must be in equal with the price, the food that be consumed must have a good purpose for the body", that was what Ezaki-san's father 've told him. And exactly what I thought before I create Miam Miam with my sister. :)

Before we took Shinkansen to Tokyo, we visited a lover temple and I had fun by touching this Kitsune's head XD

.. and make a wish! (again) :)

I had a lunch at Tsuruhashi Fugetsu, an Okonomiyaki restaurant, it was super good! I ordered a Mondanyaki with cheese and pork. Actually I don't really like pork, but that was the only one with Cheese haha. Btw, Don't worry they have the Halal one too with seafood! :)

I took a Shinkanshen to Tokyo and the trip was about 3 hours. I couldn't sleep at all, haha. We dropped at Tokyo station and visited Glicoya Kitchen! I bought so many snacks here for my brother and sister. haha

I also tried Pocky's Photo booth. In here, we can create our own Pocky Packaging for our friends. And it's super original because it's using our photo, hahahahhahahaha. Cute right?

Bad angle makes my face looks round... -____-)||| lol

Here's my haul from that day I bought some chocolates from Chocolate Factory and I was super shocked because it costs a lot! Like almost 10.000 Yen, 9890 to be exact wtf? I also bought Glico's Almond, yumyumyum my favorite kind of nuts!

I stayed at Grand Pacific Le Daiba Hotel, a really good and exclusive hotel in Odaiba area! Had a shabu-shabu for the dinner at Uemura, but sorry I forgot to take photo, if you followed my Snapchat (cominica), I'm sure you've had seen it! :D

So, I'm quite curious, have your ever tried Pocky snack? Pocky is already available in Indonesia and all of them are certified HALAL. So don't worry about it! ;D

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