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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Anti Cellulite Injection at Skin & Slimming Lifestyle

Hello ladiesssss, I'm so sorry I neglected my blog for a really longggg time. I'm really busy with my business and job. Now I'm back to share about my Cellulite removal journey. I will try to rearrange my schedule so it's more flexible for me to write my blog and make tutorial again in the future.. aw I miss both so much! :<

Maybe some of you (are my new readers) so if you haven't read my 1st & 2nd post you can read them by clicking the link now. It's recommended not to skip them.

This post is probably my Last post about the treatment because I did this for 3 sessions only. Actually, I was thinking to do the treatment again because after holiday there's many unwanted fat everywhere, I want to do some exercise again but I don't have the time.. and the mood. LOL

Before I begin the treatment, the assistant measured my arms, tummy and my thighs. Dr. Kurniawan said my arms and tummy were actually okay, there's no problem with cellulite in that area. The worst is in my thighs hahaha.

But I strongly feel that my tummy is so big because I just back from my holiday in China that time. I ate.. so many and didn't do any exercise that time because I ain't got time. Just fyi, I easily get fat. lol but eating is my life ;___;

If you see the above picture, you might think that the cellulite lines isn't visible. That because cellulite usually flock together in your back thigh.

And as always, before I did the treatment I had a consultation with Dr. Kurniawan. I asked him whether I can do the injection because that day I had pms. Well, he said that I better skip the treatment and do it on another day because my thigh could be bloated. But i insisted to do so he allowed me to take the injection with my own risk.

Before the injection process he marked targeted area with a pen so the process is easier. Actually he said my arm was okay and I don't need the injection but few days after that day I need to attend 1 company event (it's quite important for me) so this method is the faster way. >_<

On this below picture you can see the cellulite lines clearly (I guess?). Some lines has vanished because the trapped fat has dissolved with the injection after the 2nd treatment.

I have some pictures taken by Vina while Dr. Kurniawan was injecting the treatment to my body but they are quite disturbing.. so I decided to choose appropriate one only. Wait fyi he did anesthetic beforehand so the injection wasn't that hurt. I barely could feel it.

!Question: Was that hurt? A little, surprised me a bit but still okay.

Honestly, the injection process on thigh area was the most noticeably one but it's not as scary as going to the dentist. During the process I can feel a bit pain sometimes. 
Well, beauty is pain ladies~! ;D

The treatment process needs approximately 60 minutes, it's not that long imho because the doctor also need to prepare all the things needed for the treatment.

After the injection done I go to the 2nd floor to get my cavitation treatment. I love it, lol! It tightens my skin so it'll look firmer after the treatment. The assistant also measure my arm, tummy and thigh again after the treatment. I lost 4-5 kgs after the treatment, I'm don't remember the measurement though cos I didn't take the notes with me home.

Vina took some pictures of me after the treatment and she said I looked too skinny that time, hmm I didn't feel like that though.

As you can see the result below, my cellulite lines was look less visible! But there're still many trapped fat inside (it just don't show on the picture) and Dr. Kurniawan said I probably need 8-10 treatments to completely get rid of them.

This treatment is great for sculpting and shaping your thigh (if that's what you need) because it melts the fat and remove them through urine.

The picture I'm showing you now is after the treatment and it was bloated but you can't really see it, the bruises it's getting noticeable after 2-3 days.

I strongly not recommend you to do the treatment on your pms day because it'll be bloated the day after tomorrow and it doesn't feel comfortable at all. And the healing process is slower because of our body condition. So my advice is choose another day when you feel fit! :)

I'm very happy cos I've decided to try the treatment because this is a new experience for me. And I'm sure my readers will be happy to know about this too! Especially If you have a hard time to lose weight and shape your body. This treatment is really effective not only for woman but man too.

Look at my happy face lol. Talked with Dr. Kurniawan and asked him how to reduce my swollen thigh fast. Then he gave me a cream to help reduce the swell. It took me 2 months to completely recover from the scars and 2 weeks for my bloated thigh. That is the price to pay if you want to have your dream body instantly. 

Well I didn't have many options that time haha /._.\

I super love my assistant and the kind Dr. Kurniawan~ Hope we can meet again in the near future, lol. Thank you for the great service and result, I love it very much! <3

Some conclusion I got from all the treatments I have done at Skin & Slimming Lifestyle:

1. It's recommended for people who can't lose their weight and fat easily.
2. Great for sculpting and shaping your body in an instant way.
3. Very little risk and safer than surgery.
4. A good option if you don't have time to do exercise to lose weight and you need to wear bikini in 2 months.
5. You'll get some bruises on your thigh area and the healing is depends on your body. Usually about 1-3 months.
6. You need to prepare your heart, mind and body. lol
7. The treatment isn't cheap so start saving if you want! XD

Follow Skin Slimming Lifestyle® on Instagram to receive their special offer and visit their website for more informations about the clinic. You also can call (021-5658189), SMS (08588 88 99 189), Email ( or LINE [ klinik.ssl ] to book an appointment or ask them some questions about the price list etc. Don't be shy, it's normal. lol

Don't forget to quote my name 'Cominica' if you make a consultation, you can get a discount for your treatment~~! :D

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See you on my next post!!~

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