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Anti Cellulite Injection and Micro Instant Slimming

Hello Ladies, now it's the time to share about my cellulite removal journey. I've received many questions about this and also some feedbacks about my 1st post. It's good if you don't have cellulite! But for you who have the same problem as me, I know my post about cellulite is useful for you. Especially if you have a lot of fats in your body.

I visited Skin & Slimming Lifestyle® again for my second Cellulite treatment. I told Dr. Kurniawan that the 1st treatment didn't really noticeable and the bruises is healing slowly. Because the Injections was injected many times on my 1st treatment, there're some scars on my side thighs. It doesn't look too visible though but I was hoping for another solution.

Dr. Kurniawan told me there's another method for Cellulite removal, this method only require one shot and it heals quicker than the 1st method! The name is Anti Cellulite Injection, this technique combines 2 methods of Fat destruction by mechanical and chemical. This method is really good for trapped fat like cellulite on thighs and arms.

I decided to try this method because my cellulite is not a joke, it is so hard to remove them even with the first Injection. I was praying that the result would satisfy me because Dr. Kurniawan said this method is a little bit painful because of the mechanical process.

Dr. Kurniawan chose to inject my back thighs first because that's where the most noticeable cellulite seen. He said we must do the injection part by part, I must be patient and wait for the best result in the end!

The process was fast and a little bit painful..  I think? Dr. Kurniawan injected an anaesthetic on my thigh so the process was painless for me. But still I can felt a little bit pain but well, I could handle it. Beauty is pain right? haha and need a little bit sacrifice!

After the Anti Cellulite Injection, Dr.Kurniawan's assistant did a Cavitation again on both my thighs for maximum result. I could feel my thigh become tighter even though I haven't touched them!

The cavitation process was really comfortable haha, this step is actually make me more relaxed after the Injection. :)

Beside the Anti Cellulite Injection, I also had a Micro Instant Slimming on my both Arms. I asked Dr. Kurniawan about this because I want to reduce the fat on my arms too. This treatment is really good, it is painless and the bruises heal so quickly. You can immediately see the result in 1 treatment! Usually the arms circle reduce by 1-2 cm / treatment.

So after the last process I took some after pictures to see the difference with my own eyes and I was.. surprised to see the result! It wasn't extreme but I could see that some cellulite on my thighs is disappeared! Here're some pictures you can see, no size editing or whatsoever, all pictures are real.

Now I can see the noticeable result by my self! 
There're some fats left but the texture looks better now :D
I'm soo happy! Dr. Kurniawan only did my back thighs this time.

Front side doesn't change much because there're some fats trapped on the inner and side thighs.

My left side thigh also doesn't change much, but you can see that the cellulite texture is smoother now.

My right thigh side does look a little bit firm now!
I can notice the shape changing because of the back thigh cellulite removal.

And now the Micro Instant Slimming, specially for Arms treatment. This treatment is recommended if you have a big arms. I just want to reduce all fats on my arms, my arms isn't too big actually but the fats disturbed me. :(

I can notice some reductions on my right arm circle, it becomes firmer and in shape.

The left arm's result is more noticeable I think, lol. I love the result!
Only with 1 treatment I can see the instant result. :)

I also did some Injections on my belly again to keep my belly in shape. I don't have much time for workout now because I'm so busy in launching my project. I only can do some moves and exercises three times a week to keep my body fit, not everyday... For a busy people like me, I really need this kind of treatment to help me shape my body.

I don't want to neglect my own body now and regret it later.. I do some exercises and eat healthy food. But it's not enough to kill all those trapped fats in my thighs, arms and belly. Because all of them must be done regularly and I got no time for that.. Haha maybe you understand my feeling?

I know to some people this kind of treatment maybe new and scary, but I have done some researches and it is safe as long as the treatment done by qualified doctor! ;)

Micro Instant Slimming (MIS) cost 500.000 idr for 2 Arms and The Anti Cellulite Injection (good for Thighs and Arms) cost 500.000 idr for 2 Arms, for the Thighs you need to consult with Dr. Kurniawan first. I can't tell mine, lol.

I'm very satisfied with my 2nd treatment for my cellulite. Dr. Kurniawan said I only need 1 more treatment for the best result and after that maybe I won't take the Injection again because I probably don't need it anymore, lol. 

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If you make a consultation, quote my name! Dr. Kurniawan said You can get a discount if you mention my name :D, good luck ladies~!

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