About Me

Leni Diana Cominica was the author of www.cominica.net since 2010. She was one of the most popular Beauty & Fashion bloggers back then when the word 'influencer' and 'celebgram' was not exist yet. She worked with many brands both locally and overseas from 2011 until 2018. Some of the well-known brands such as Revlon, Toshiba, Make Up Forever, Etude House, Tony Moly, MAC, Nylon Japan, Olive des Olive, Pocky, Clarins, Waku-waku Japan, Dolly Wink, Kay Collection, OLENS, and many more...

In 2018, Comi get married and moved to the United Kingdom with her husband, living her life and travelling around the Europe. She declined many job offerings when she was in the UK and focused on her marriage life. She is not that active anymore as a blogger and content creator as she found "online life" didn't suit her idealism. She still writes on her blog sometimes but not job related anymore as she finds more freedom to express her views.

Comi cares about animal welfare, environmental issues, social concerns and kids education around the world. She often voices her opinions on her Instagram and not afraid to be heard by the young people.

She is now working as an educator (online & at school), a full time wife and a bunmom/furmom to a lot of her pets.



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