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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Shinjuku Premium Salon - Touch up my roots and change color

Hey Ladies! >w<)/ I'm going to share about my new hair color now. I got lot question about my new hair color @_@, I should've post this weeks ago, hahaha. So, if you notice my update on instagram you should know that I change my hair color! My roots already grow ≧△≦ and it was so annoying. Hahaha, so I decided go to Shinjuku again with my friend Miharu. Here's some pics of my hair condition.

 ugly ;A;

Sunday, April 03, 2011

KOJI 91 Review

Hi, someone told me to make a review of my Koji eyelash curler no: 91
I reaaallly love it!
Let's see the picture then Photobucket

Disclaimer : I haven't put anything on my face so bear for my skin Photobucket

I'm using maybelline unstoppable mascara waterproof.Photobucket

Here is the Koji no 91

After curling & Before mascara

After mascara

After curling & before mascara

After mascara

Both Eyes!

I lovee this curler. It's easy to curl my eyelash without hurting my eyelid.
And it works really well on my short and down lashes \( ^^)/

My eyelash curler
From Left to right : pink from Watson, 
the blue one from KAI Beauty Japan (i use it for more than a year),
Koji 91 and Touch Beauty Heated Eyelash curler.

Heated my lashes

After using Touch beauty heated eyelash curler
#perfect! (^^)o
(i'm not using fiber wig)

This picture is after i removed my mascara.
I used it for 4-5 hours when i went to mall.
And see my lashes still curl.Photobucket

I really love this curler, already use it for almost two month.
Seems a high quality curler and i can use it for a long time.
Worth-buying  . I got it for $ 13.6.

Thanks for reading

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